February 1, 2011

A busy week for a change

This week is going to be a busy one for me! I have the third battle of the Annihalation Campaign on Wednesday. This battle is going to be tense as the forces on both sides have suffered a lot of casualties and losing a lot of men in this upcoming game ensures a loss in the fourth and final scenario. My Menites have fared well though the 'jacks have suffered. I have two left to use in two battles. I have noticed more and more that I only use in Vassal the miniatures I have bought in real life. It is the same with my opponent. This is a strange phenomenon which got a little weirder when I had to go out and buy the pieces I wanted to use online but was lacking for tabletop purposes. I only realised yesterday that I had done this! I guess in some way it shows that Privateer Press and their enlightened policy towards Vassal is benefical. The other thing that will keep my busy is the attempts at weathering on the 'jacks. In anticipation of a busy weekend I will go out and buy two more Crusaders. They are on offer at €10 each at my local games store which is a steal. These present an almost perfect palette for weathering experiments. It will mean that I have three of these steel behemoths but I guess I can make good use of them in a theme or tiered list. They are a very useful 'jack and hopefully can stand up to more punishment than the ones I have used in the Annihalation campaign. There are also a few Khadorian 'jacks at this price so I might have a peek at them to see if there is anything worthwhile there.

I am lucky enough to have nabbed a place in my companies Ravenloft campaign. The plan is to have this run just after work on a Friday in the office. This is a pretty fantastic set up as everything we need is here and there is always plenty of space. I am playing a druid which should be interesting. I haven't had much experience with 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons so this will be a learning curve. I always preferred 2nd edition. Playing Ravenloft is great too as it is a break from the standard fantasy setting. I am wondering where the campaign will go as I am hoping for an action packed game without too much intrigue. I often find that the game bogs down in intrigue and a form of paralysis effects the group. Nobody is one hundred percent sure what is going on and therefore everyone wants to do their own thing. This then leads to an hours debate on what is the best course of action to take. To make things worse we have a varied ensemble of six players. Each of us will have very different roleplaying backgrounds. Half the players have never really played before for instance.

Here are the links to the annihalation campaign games so far:
Battle One
Battle Two

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  1. I loved Vassal especially when I had an itch for a game I know my LGS was closed or some other game night. 3.5 seems to be sweet spot for D&D from what I can tell. It fixes up the issues in 3 and tightens up those rules.


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