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September 6, 2013

Red Kaya, whats up?

Red for me is a terrible colour! I can't seem to get a nice transition in any direction with it. I have been doing it a few different ways on individual models for my Hordes forces for a while hoping that eventually I would hit on the right formula. I still haven't. I painted this model a little while ago and for the cloak I started with Hull Red from Vajello's Panzer Aces series. It is a lovely deep dark red and it is the colour I use for the basecoat of all my reds now. I gave this a purple wash and then I shaded it with some Rhinox Hide(GW). It is really easy to shade and doesn't need much effort. For the inside of the cloak I just added back the hull red and then one more highlight and that was that. I wanted it to remain dark. In the picture you can definitely see the brown shading and a hint of the purple wash.

For the back of the cloak I wanted a much warmer and brighter colour. I ended up with a lighter colour and quite muted. I know why and I should have thought of it at the time. I used for the final few highlights Rotten Flesh(VJ) and as this has a green tint it muted the red considerably. I shaded the cloak the same as usual and built back the original colour quickly. From there I added Blood Red(GW) to brighten everything up. That went fine and I got more or less a colour I was happy with. For the final highlights I added the Rotten Flesh. As you can see here it quickly muted the red. It even seemed to kill the previous brighter colours somewhat. I am happy enough with the end result even if it isn't exactly what I intended. I think I will use this colour if I ever manage to return to the Blood Pack I bought. I just hate the PP plastic and I can't be bothered putting in the effort required to assemble the last half of that unit.

August 27, 2013

Maelock is awake!

I have far more armies for Warmachine and Hordes than I will ever need. I am not 100% sure why I started another only a while back. It was probably related to some deal where I thoght I could get the guts of the army cheap enough that it wasn't too much of an investment. Here is my first painted Warlock for the Gators. Maelock is a fairly complicated model with a lot of textures concentrated into small areas. I had to refer fairly often to the Privateer Press website to see a full rotation of the model so I could work out what exactly everything is. I think I got everything correct! I didn't go for too much blood as I felt that was more likely to result in me screwing up what I had already painted. I know I should add some here and there but really I am too lazy. The model is done and I am happy with it!

I can now finally play with my Gators army which will be fun. I would like to get some of my Bog Trogs finished first. I think I have eight of them somewhere completed and two awaiting paint. Once they are done I have most if not all of the releases for the army complete so I can get more or less anything to the table in short order. I always try to keep up with the latest releases for this army and my Circle one but Medieval II total war has been distracting me from painting quite a lot over the last week and a half. Lets hope I can break the addiction.

August 21, 2013

A shambling pile of stones

I finally finished Megalith. I have wanted the model for ages and even though I bought him in March I only got around to painting him the other day. I haven't varnished him yet or finished the base. Still he is looking fine and eventually I may get him onto the table top! I have tried to play him a little on VASSAL in Baldur 2's tier list. I haven't met with much success but that is down to my own uncompetitive level of gameplay combined with a somewhat sub-par list. I think it can be good but needs a higher calibre player than I. I haven't tried out Baldur 1's tier list. I haven't even tried him out of tier with Baldur yet. At least he toughens up my stable of Circle models.

I don't like the stock pose of Megalith and so I converted him. It wasn't the most excellent conversion work but it came out fine. The only problem I really have is that his shoulder things are pitched really far back where they should sit more squarely on the model. I also accidently repositioned the legs I think. To me thats how they went together but looking afterwards at the studio model they are really different. I think I captured Megalith taking a stroll! I added an armour plate to the base just for a little variety, I sculpted it up to see how it might look and stiking it on the base is about as good a use as I can think of. Sculpting this wasn't too difficult and I may get a little more ambitious in the future.

August 19, 2013

Angry Half-wolf

As I painted Epic Morvahna recently I also was obliged to paint her best friend the Warpborn Alpha.. I would love to complain about how hard this model is to actually assemble but I won't as I am thankful that it simply is not made in Privateer Press plastic. That stuff is the bane of my painting career. So far the Alpha has withstood the rigours of transport so it seems I did a decent enough job of pinning him everywhere I could. He is an impressively heavy model almost the equal of soime of my heavy Warbeasts. He definitely needs a lot of attention during assembly if you want him to stay that way. On the table he is a revelation. He has performed excellently in every game I have used him in and he tunes the rest of the unit right up. With Epic Morvahna this is multiplied via her feat. Bringing back nearly the entire unit is as good as it was hyped up to be.

I of course painted him to blend in wit the rest of the unit. His model is impressive enough to stand out without too much effort. I am slowly running out of my stockpiles of standard colours I used on these so I will soon have to look for equivalents. I don't relish that. I have enough of everything to finish my last two Tharn units but once they are done I am going to have to play with the vajello game colour to see if I can get what I need there. I noticed Rob Hawkings complaining about the range recently so maybe I should look further afield. He used them on his awe inspiring Sedition Wars display boards. I haven't had a problem with them but then again I don't think I was paying that much attention to how they dried.

August 13, 2013

Epic Morvahna revealed!

Enough of the Orks for today at least. I bought Epic Morvahna when she came out first and painted her soon after. Here finally she is revealed: I didn't deviate from my standard scheme too much. I had been trying to get more contrast into my reds and this model was one of the first I really tried. I think I failed. The cloak is still very muted and while it goes from a deep red up to a fairly strong tone it never really pops. The colours on the goat worked well though and I am happy with them. I used English Uniform from Vajello. I love that colour despite the fact that it always comes out too green at the start. I have to shake the hell out of the bottle and after the first few drops it comes out in the nice brown colour. I have no idea what is up with the bottle but those first few drops are terrible. I have at least managed to get a few games in over the last few months with her and she is great. I finally feel like I have a top grade Warlock in my circle force and she will be very much prominent in my tournament lists for a while to come!

March 13, 2013

Tharn Ravagers, what to do?

I just don't get them. I played in the Irish Masters last weekend and I used these in every list. Aa full unit with the attached chieftan. The package comes in at eleven points for the nine models. In most games I deployed them forward in front of my army and ran them forward to jam the objectives and zones. They also form a decent threat. In most games I was down to two or three models by the time I activated them again. The only thing I can think of is that I am using them in a completely bad role for them. Almost everything my opponent puts on their front line can deal easily with the Ravagers. With a standard defence stat they are easily hit and with an average armour they are easily damaged. Eight boxes help for sure but POW 12 weapons are easily able to remove them from the game. For what can I use my medium infantry?

The first thought is to place them out on a flank. It subjects them to less direct firepower in the early turns but allows them to threaten towards the centre. They are not so fast that they really become a threat out there but they can tie up and possibly defeat a lot of other flanking forces. These should leave a few models by the late game to effectively flank the opponent. However for eleven points, basically a fifth of your entire army you really want them to have some dominating prescence on the battlefield. I played a little yesterday and tested this. I found that the Ravagers are very effective against other medium to heavy infantry. These are also often deployed off centre and the advance deployment rule allows you to pick your match up in most cases. Having a MAT of nine when charging means even defence fourteen isn't too hard to hit and with a POW of 15 on the charge even armour twenty models need to be worried. Curse of Shadows gives them an effective POW boost of two meaning that even Khador 'Jacks will go down to a charge.

Having said that is there anything else I would use them for? I am tempted to use them as a second wave. I have no idea if this would be effective at all but it strikes me as a decent possibility. Having advance deployment always makes me think these guys should be up front and in the mix as often as possible. However that has rarely paid off! Putting them behind an annoying tarpit would ensure that the opponent has to commit something decent to remove the tarpit and allows me to countercharge in relative safety. Thinking a little further I am really tempted to use the Ravagers in conjunction with the Skinwalkers. They are a much more effective tarpit and removing them is no easy matter. Having them spread out allows for lanes where the Ravagers can charge into and deal with the engaging models aloowing the Skinwalkers to move up and repeat the tactic. It is expensive but I am really tempted to try it. Has anyone else tried this?

January 1, 2013

I am back!

It has been two months to the day since I posted here. I just wasn't painting anymore and so I didn't really have anything to put up. There are enough news and rumour sites around that I don't feel I need to contribute to constant repetition. I was still playing regularly of course but battle reports are or at least good ones are very time consuming to write up. I never get many comments on those that I have done and their pageviews aren't very high so I haven't kept with the habit of doing them. My painting and general hobbying is the lifeblood of the blog and if I am not doing that then the blog has to go silent.

So as the blog moves forward I am hoping I can keep the pace up and keep a regular schedule. My plans for the coming year are three to four warbands for SAGA. I assume I have the models for that much as I bought what felt like a massive saxon army many years ago. These will eventually become Jomsvikings, Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Danes and then a fourth as yet undetermined faction. It will probably be Irish, Welsh or Scottish as the remained of models are unarmoured cheorl types. I have at least one opponent locally and maybe if I am playing in the club I can entice a few more guys to start. Currently my Menites are fully painted as are my Circle guys. I of course want to get a lot more of them but now that they are fully painted I want to make sure I keep them at that status. Whatever I buy has to be painted as soon as possible. It also means no bulk buys! I had a terrible habit of ordering €100 - €150 worth of models at a time. This lead to them piling up and getting neglected. So I will gradually increase these factions but no big splurges.

I do still have three other factions however for Hordes and Warmachine. I am not a hundred percent sure how that happened. I want to get my Khador army complete. That means a fifty point tier four pButcher list. A few other tier lists would be nice to have but that is the one I want to start playing with. That means I need to do a lot of painting. Also I want to start using my Blindwater Congregation. I have everything for them except a Warlock and Rask will fit the bill nicely. Once he is out I will start using them. Finally I have a nice selection of Mercs bought at various times and with various ideas upon their eventual usage. I want to complete a tier four Drake McBain list and that means steelheads. I have everything else painted so sometime in the near future I have to collect some halberdiers.

Then finally there is my all to massive collection of GW stuff. I will very soon have to cull it I am afraid. I have far too many armies in various states of completion and to be honest they are doing nothing but gather dust. I can never hope to sustain more than one or two of them for each system and so I need to consider offloading what I don't want. I guess at the moment that means I will be selling an Undead, Ogre, Skaven and possibly Empire army. I don't want to but I can't keep them all. Anyway I can still manage to squeeze them all into various storage spaces so it is a problem future me can worry about.

September 27, 2012

Tharn Ravager Archers

It is not often that I post twice in one day. These lovely Tharn Archers were previewed by Matt Wilson on Twitter and I felt I had to share. I have been playing a lot with the Tharn recently and I am slowly coming around to just how good they can be. I am really excited to se what the archers will bring to the mix. Hopefully something good...The original link the the picture is here. I just can't wait!

September 19, 2012

Fly, my pretties fly!

I picked up the Scarsfell Griffon last week. It is a great model and the plastic doesn't suck too much. He was much easier to clean than the Man O' War's I had to do. Hopefully more of the plastics are like this. The arms on the griffon can be posed a little differently and I guess with some sclading hot water the wings could be bent a little. That would allow for some variety which is nice. I am somewhat tempted to get a second one as I think they could be really awesome, especially with pKaya. Their extended control range and the ability to teleport them right back to her makes for some interesting hit and run tactics at extreme range. I lost fairly badly last week with this but I wasn't playing Spirit Door properly. My opponent, Owen from, showed me the last line of that spell and from then on it was game over. I do still think there is some potential there but it would be an uphill battle!

I don't really like painting wings. They are hard to get looking convincing and they are often really detailed. I checked a few places online for inspiration and I came up with this picture. I wasn't brave enough to copy it exactly but I took a good few elements from it. As is usual I am unhappy with how the painting of the Griffon went. I guess I am never happy or maybe satisfied with my painting. I over did the dark grey/brown on the underside. It is fine on the outer feathers but it is too intense I think when it gets closer to the body of the griffon. Next time I would have kept it to mybe two rows of feathers and then I would have darkened the inner rows more in keeping with the picture here.

I am a good bit happier with the back of the wings. They are a little dark despite what I felt was an extremely light highlight. The orange pieces break up the monotomy of the wings a lot and there isn't much I would change overall. Lightening up the feathers towards the head of the 'beast light have been better but the feathers there are so small and lack a lot of definition and I thought that changing the colour of them might make them look like fur. Anyway he is done now and can be put onto the display shelf with the rest of the Circle army. I just need to paint a Winter Aargus and that is all the light warbeasts done for the army. Incidently the griffon is the 100th model painted for Circle by be.

September 18, 2012

Painting Fail

Sometimes despite all the best inspiration and techniques painting just goes wrong. I painted this Feralgeist twice now and both times it has come out terribly. The standard scheme is nice but I wanted to go for something a little different. I started off with a blue scheme and it came out really bad. I am not sure why but I guess I started with too dark a base coat. It made the ghost seem too solid. I didn't learn from this however and I think I have repeated the same thing here. The red purple base colour here is just too solid looking. I highlighted it in reverse much like painting flame. I brought it down to a yellow white in the deepest crevasses. It just doesn't look right to me. I won' be changing him however, done is done. I have too many other models calling for attention at the moment. I may revisit him at a later date. Aat least for now he is a lesson to pay a little bit more attention to the planning stages of painting!

September 17, 2012

Steamroller Flags finished

I managed to get these done over the weekend despite aching muscles. Moving furniture is not something I do eagerly or particularly well. I think the flags came out fairly well although the colour of the internal wood isn't exactly as I had intended. I sculpted a few more little details such as Dryad's Saddles onto them to break up the surface of the wood. The colour scheme fits in nicely with the rest of my Circle Orboros army and I think these will be a nice addition to scenario play. I just need to think of what appropriate objectives I can make now. I think larger stumps wouldn't be quite right!

I am still tempted to make up some more of the stumps to use as a terrain piece. It is a lot of effort for some terrain but I could cast them up to save some time at least. I have a few half completed terrain projects that would cast up nicely I think. The train tracks for instance would be really excellent to cast as would a trench piece I have. Maybe I will research it and see.

September 5, 2012


I think it is impossible to paint this miniature without singing the damned Witchdoctor song. It was stuck in my head for the entire day after I finished. That song is a most infectious earworm. I loved this model the second I saw it. It is quite subtle which I think but that is good. I guess this model could easily have competed with the factions Warlocks if designed poorly. Despite having seen the artwork ages ago I thought that he might come with a mask. This would have been too similar to Calaban. Too much robes would have been similar to Barnabas. The model is really nicely detailed. The skull level is acceptable. I hate models that are really bedecked in skulls. I guess a Wwitchdoctor can be expected to have a few.

Painting this model was fun, much more than expected. I guess this is due to solo syndrome. As I have stated all to often I love painting solos. It is one model and it feels like I make a lot of progress quickly. I followed the brown scheme I used for the rest of my Gatormen. This presented a problem as my other gators don't have clothes. I didn't want the brown on the clothes to blend too much in so I went for a colder brown than I usually would. I think it contrasts nicely. I have seen on the PP fora a nicely painted Barnabas model with a green tinge to the robes. I was tempted to copy it but maybe I will keep it for one of the Warlocks.

I have used the model in a game and he was fairly useful. He would have been much more useful if I had understood how sacrifical strike works. I used him with a Posse in an eBaldur list. Adding tough to a unit benefitting from Baldur's feat bonus means these guys are not going anywhere soon.

September 3, 2012

Circle Flags

I have been wanting to make some 'flags' for my Circle army for a while. I wasn't sure what to do as flags aren't really defined except for their rules. In Steamroller they are pieces that need to be captured generally to win the game. The Circle isn't really an organised military force and has really low technology. I wasn't sure what I could make to represent an objective/flag. I have been playing a lot recently with Gallows Groves and they get killed in every game. The thought came to me that the stumps would make cool flag markers. I had been thinking of using some corpses on bases but I wasn't too inspired by this. It could really represent any army. Using some form of flag or standard isn't really that interesting either.

The stumps were easy enough to sculpt. I built the body out of normal modelling clay and then I made the top. It was just a small lump of greenstuff smoothed out and then I carved small rings into it. A few cracks were added to make it look a little decayed. Once all this was dry I added the sides. The sides were quite uneven as I wasn't too careful about shaping the base lump of clay. This is good as it stops the stump from being too regular. I still want to add a few small details like fungi. I have already added a few skulls to tie the stumps in with the Gallows Grove.

I think these came out fairly well and I am actually considering making some more to use as terrrain. I think they could easily be used to represent a harvested forest. Basically it would just be an interesting piece visually on the board but would otherwise count as a forest. I still have quite a few terrain projects to finish first though...

August 28, 2012

Angry Trees

I painted these a while ago but I forgot to post up a photograph. I really like the models.I painted them up quickly as they are fairly simple except for the bones and skulls. I hate painting bone and skulls, a hang over from GW I think. I came up with a fairly simple receipe though that works really well. I painted them bleached bone and washed them with a watered down version of Devlan Mud (GW) and then a watered down Gryphone Sepia(GW). I highlight this with bleached bone and white. Finally I gave it a brown glaze and it comes out really nicely. It is far quicker than the normal layering I use.

These gave me an idea for flags for my army. I haven't really been able to come up with a cool idea to use on my flags. I will make stumps I think in the same style as these. Simple but should look fine.

August 26, 2012

Steam Roller - Ass Kicking

So yesterday saw me lining out with some friends against some of the best players here in Germany. My local club organised a Steamroller event and despite a smaller than expected turnout we had some great fun. My first round was against a good Cryx player who used Mortenebra. Uusally I find this a tough match up as I can't often deal with the armour easily. However my druids really were the stars of the game. In the first turn they pulled the Deathjack about 10" forward and allowed me to do about 80% damage to him, knocking out his cortex most importantly. Second turn they pulled Seether in while pushin back the rest of the force. Both the Deathjack and the Seether were destroyed in that turn and due to sprint I had nothing within his range. A perfect game for me really.

Things went downhill from there though. The next round was again against Cryx. 50% of the players brought Cryx. I popped down Kreuger and my opponent popped down Deneghra with thirty Mecanithralls. I managed to kill twenty six of them in one turn and both necrosurgeons but my opponent was really canny and pressured the scenario right from the first turn and I was never able to get on top. He won with a scenario victory in Outflank, Outfight, Outlast. It didn't help that I thought that Tornado was a slam effect and not a throw effect. I used it on my Warpwolf to try to help clear some threats and after I had cast I read the spell and realised what I had just done. I wasn't too happy.

Things continued downhill from there. Next up was Skorne and I used prime Baldur. I have not faced epic Morghul before and I was nervous going into the game. The scenario was Sacrifice and I felt I had a good chance at a scenario victory. However I pushed Bladur up and feated thinking I was safe. I was very very wrong. Despite the Archidon having massive wings I forgot it could fly and ignore my feat. I also forgot that Ghostwalk ignored my feat too. I was close to actually surviving as not much could reach me but enough did and Baldur went down. That was a fairly basic mistake so I can't blame anything but my own stupidity. It was still fun to play despite a quick loss.

Then I played some pick up games as we finished way earlier than anticipated. Of course I won these then! That always seems the way. I did get to face off against the newest incarnation of Asphyxious and wow what a 'caster. He really dominates the board and I imagine is great fun to play. Still two Warpwolves to the face are enough to get the job done usually! So there still are two rounds to play today. I will be right in the middle of the first game when this posts. I hope I can pull out some wins now that the pressure is off. Though it is the toughest field I have seen at a german tournament and there are no pushovers at all. There are some shots of the event from yesterday here if you want to see.

August 21, 2012

Grayle Farstrider

I am disappointed with how Grayle turned out. He is mainly armour with some leather detailing. I thought I would get him painted to a much higher standard but I really wasn't able to get a good effect on hs armour. I checked him against some of the other models I have painted. Baldur for instance has really excellently done armour, in my eyes at least. I got some good contrast on the metal and the green recesses came out better. I am wondering though if the varnish I use is having an effect. On my older Circle stuff I used Testors Dullcoate, the old poisonous stuff! It really gives a great matt effect, especially on metals. Maybe this is why Baldur's looks so much better?

I am glad I finally managed to pick up Grayle. I have been eyeing him for a while in the store and I finally gave in and grabbed him last week. I don't as yet think he is that good in the game. He really seems to operate as a super solo rather than as a support piece. With a good charge and side step he can deal a lot of damage reliably to infantry. Storm Rager helps out a lot with this. Sprint then gets him out of trouble. I think that this leans heavily to one style of play and it is one that can be countered easily by a canny opponent. I will get Grayle to the table soon and see what I can figure out for him. I have no idea what a good list for him would be...

August 2, 2012

Wild Druidess

Solos are great to paint. I think that must be the mantra of the blog. I have played without the help of a Wilder for far too long and I got one last week. I kept with the autumnal colours for this model but I wanted to see how the red might work as a more dominant element. I usually go for a warm brown but I wanted something a little different. She came out fine even if the combination of the red and gold look more like Skorne than Circle. I will experiment with the combination elsewhere in the army as I think it helps bring out the autumnal theme a little better. The camera did wash out the skin tones here almost completely. There is quite a lot of effort on the skin but it just didn't get picked up in the shot.

This Solo seems great and will fit into almost all of my lists. I don't know what I will have to drop but something will give. I usually play at thirty five points and points in the lists are incredibly tight. I have also been experimenting with getting some Bog Trogs into the list. Ambush seems really powerful and I wonder why it doesn't get used more.

June 22, 2012


I am finally done with the Bloodtrackers. That is a good feeling. These models are so detailed that they are a little bit of a pain to paint. I only had four to do, five with Nuala, but they seemed to take ten times longer than any other model. Having finished these also means I have no more Circle Orboros models left to paint at the moment. I know this state won't last long so I am savouring it a little. I want to get the Blood Weavers and some more Warbests so I imagine I have a week or two before my resolve breaks and I buy some.

June 19, 2012

How do I pronounce Nuala?

I listen to a lot of american podcasts about Hordes and Warmachine. One of the funniest things to note is the varied pronunciation of names, especially Khador despite the pronunciation guide in the rulebook! Another in Nuala. It is an irish name and we certainly pronounce it differently from what seems to be the standard way. It is actually infectious as I always find myself saying it wrongly. However I have her painted now and maybe she will get to a battlefield soon. I am not sure if she is that good though and I wonder what other peoples thoughts are.

She grants quickwork and reform. Reform is good but the range of the javelins are short. That means if they shoot at something and reform they will be only ten inches away at the end of the turn. That is well within a normal threat range. What seems better is quickwork. It allows them to shoot once they have killed a foe in melee. As I learned in my last game that is only a good ability against non reach troops! I look forward to trying them out I am not sure which 'lock they go with to best benefit. They really would like a speed boost most of all. They have no trouble hitting and not much trouble killing. Moshar dropping some salt pillars infront on them might be nice too.

June 6, 2012

Moshar musings

PhotobucketMoshar is an enigma. I really don't get him. I guess if you visit here regularly you will notice I don't get a lot of things, Ravagers especially! I think Moshar is one of the most powerful Warlocks that the Circle has. I just don't see exactly what he works best with. He doesn't boost his army immensely unlike some of our other Warlocks. His feat is only effective against Hordes, which in my local playing group is a massive disadvantage. We have far more Warmachine players than Hordes.

  • Crevasse seems a good spell. With Fury of eight Moshar can reliably hit defence fourteen. The cost is affordable and with a Gallows Grove  channeling this can be cast with little risk to Moshar.
  • Curse of Shadows is also fairly good. It too needs a Gallows Grove to really be effective. I like the idea of being able to bypass the effected unit without suffering free strikes. Having it as an upkeep is nice but I don't see it being that important as generally if the models are close enough to be hit by this spell they are in my threat range. If I am not killing them the turn I cast this on them then I am doing something wrong.
  • Mirage is another upkeep. It gives a short move in the control phase. It is useful when models are engaged the only problem being is that you have to do this the turn before to benefit from it in the control phase. It is nice to give a boost to the forward momentum of one of my units effectively giving a small increase to the threat range. For a cost of three it is only something I would consider casting on the first turn and then upkeep if needed for the rest of the game.
  • Pillar of salt is really where Moshar begins to shine. It is his signature ability and something that nobody else in the game can do. The pillars count as a stucture meaning they are really difficult to get rid of. A base POW of fourteen with ranged weapons (or fire/corrosion) and the fact that you can't charge them means a beast or 'jack needs to deal with them. They block LOS including eyeless sight making them great for annoying legion players. After the first turn I guess I will be dropping three of these on the table and this is where Moshar can really benefit his army.
  • Sans of Fate is a get out of jail free card for Moshar. He can charge something get his attacks in and then teleport back to replace a friendly warrior model. While Moshar isn't great in combat with wither he can damage undead and constructs fairly well meaning that the speel could be useful. It certainly isn't an assassination vector. Moshar is just too bad in combat for that to be realistic.
  • Sunhammer is a nice upkeep to cast on turn one and keep up for the rest of the game. It isn't going to do much damage to anything but how many times have you left a beast on one or two points just to see them heal a little and have their revenge in the next turn? This spell stops that from happening.
From all the spells in the list it is Pillars of Salt that needs to be considered in army composition. Ideally You want to be casting the Pillars every turn preventing the enemy from closing with key pieces. I see lightning strike having a lot of use with this.  Sending a Warpwolf Stalker forward to wreck havoc amongst the enemy lines only to have it move backwards is excellent. Combining that with a garunteed structure sitting between the Stalker and the enemy is amazing. This also works nicely with the Tharn Wolfriders. The light cavalry move gets them back out of danger and the pillars mean that the enemy is really going to have to dedicate something to take out the pillar before it can even consider getting anywhere near what is behind it. If possible doing this over a sequence of turns will attrition the enemy down to a pint where the pillars aren't needed any longer. Then using a Gallows Grove it is possible to throw out a few crevasses to really turn the attrition to your favour.

Moshar can support the Circles movement tricks better I think than any other Warlock as he provides a direct defence against any retribution. I guess therefore the best things to have in his list are those that play to this strength. Stalkers and Wolfriders immediately jump to mind. There aren't that many other Circle units that really benefit as strongly as they can't move after activation. Puting the Stalker's animus on other beasts helps a lot and so Wilders should be considered so that Moshar doesn't have to do it himself. Reform on the Bloodtrackers is also good. My list is theoretically looking like this:
Mohsar the Desertwalker
* Feral Warpwolf
* Warpwolf Stalker
Tharn Bloodtrackers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
 Nuala the Huntress
Tharn Wolfriders (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Druid Wilder
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
I am really unsure as to how this might preform. I desperately want another cheap light beast in there but that would mean reducing the Tharn Wolfriders to a minimum unit reducing their overall effectiveness. With the Pillars and the lightning strike animus I think I can keep my beasts safe long enough to make trading them worthwhile.

On a minor note I think the Celestial Fulcrum plays well with Mohar. Reducing anythings armour really helps the Fulcrum as it is assured getting kills then. Behind the pillars the Battle Engine is really well protected. Any guns that can really damage the engine should be the ones used against the pillars. If they don't shoot the pillars that blocks access for combat troops to the Fulcrum. If they do shoot the pillars then they aren't damaging the engine. A good trade for two fury.  I believe that the pillars don't block LOS to huge based models. If that is correct then you can sit behind them all game long blasting away and not be too worried about any retribution!
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