July 22, 2014

Night Goblins done... for now

I finally managed to finish my second regiment of Night Goblins. I manage to snatch about half an hours painting every evening after work and some longer stretches at the weekends. These thirty were easy enough to paint too as the models while excellent are rather simple. There is no extraneous details that need to be painted. I often wonder why Orcs and their ilk need so many pouches when going to battle, what exactly are they carrying?

I want to take a break from Night Goblins for the moment. I don't want to start into the next regiment of sixty spears and end up getting bored or annoyed halfway through. I think that will be my next unit taken from the pile. Its sheer size will be impressive even if I doubt that their performance will be. I have no idea what the new book will bring but I guess Goblins will remain cheap. So instead of a massive horde I am moving on to some Forest Goblins. I used to have an infantry regiment of these once upon a time. I have no clue where they ended up. Now I have forty Spider Riders and I would like to get some of them painted. A regiment of forty would look cool on the table but it might be a little excessive. I am going to convert them a little and I think ten is enough.

July 10, 2014

Yet More Night Goblins

I am slowly working on my Night Goblin Arrer Boyz at the moment. Work is once again busy and combined with good weather and a few beer festivals I am supplying I really don't have as much time as I would like. I do get to squeeze in about an hour a day however and that allows me to make some progress on the goblins. I don't go into too much detail with them and if I paint six at a time I can usually get one thing done before I have to stop. The face/skin takes the most effort but it is worth it as the most distinctive piece on the model. I have another eighteen to go but with some luck I will have made a decent dent in them by next week. I will have to get back to painting orcs soon. The problem is that they take much longer to do and I can't easily carve out more than an hour a day. To get through four orcs I would need about two hours for each element and a good block of time to get the skin done in one go. I have lots more Goblins to paint but I wouldn't mind taking a break from them at this stage

July 1, 2014

Nasty Night Goblins

I finally finished the last model in this horde. Forty night goblins can take a while to paint. I would definitely like to have a few more in this regiment but I currently don't have the models. I have a few hundred spear armed models but they aren't that easy to convert into hand weapon armed goblins. I think forty of these are viable as a flanking unit in the current edition of Warhammer. I will be backing them up with some archers eventually too. I have quite a few of them also. I think I ended up with upwards of four sets of Battle for Skull Pass and a few extras too. It is good to be finally doing something with them.

I still have to make sure that I didn't miss any detail on these goblins. There is always something left out I find. I also need to decide what I am doing with their bases. I think I will add tufts, autumnal ones and a few leaves. I would like something distinctive on the bases though and I am not really sure what. I like how the standard came out. I didn't pay enough attention to the check pattern but it is decent enough. The banner flares at the bottom and I didn't accommodate that correctly when lining the pattern in the first place. I was also worried that the moon wouldn't stand out enough but it does seem to.

June 23, 2014

Bonus Boss

I picked up a few Black Orcs recently on eBay. This miniature was included so I decided to paint him up as a break between the tedium of rank and file. I had to spend a lot of time cleaning him up as he hadn't arrived in a good shape. Mainly the arms needed repositioning and all the
mould lines had to be cleaned.
I painted him up to fit with the rest of boys. I intend making a set of shields similar to the one here for the rest of the orcs. They look really awesome. I saw an article on a blog about making them and it looked fairly simple. Basically just some plasticard as I have a rivet puncher that will work really well for rivets on the shields.

I just need to get the Night Goblins finished first. They are coming along slowly at the moment.  It is mainly the skin that takes the most time.

June 17, 2014

Night Goblins

I have absolutely no time at the moment for just about anything especially keeping this blog up to date. I have been slowly painting of an evening and here is the current WIP of my Night Goblins.

I am going to get my long neglected Orc and Goblin army together for an event at the end of the year. I am going very infantry heavy so I guess I am already behind schedule. I am  hoping to get another twenty or so of these Night Goblins done over the coming weeks and then I can get back to doing some Orc Boyz.
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