February 3, 2015

More Savages

Here is the progress on my bunch of Savage Orcs. These are slow to paint and it is going to be at least two more months to get them done. The flesh is the problem and a complete lack of time to paint. I am getting an hour late in the evening maybe two if I decide to get less sleep. That really isn't allowing me to make much progress.

I have altered the painting slightly to bring in some more contrast in the skin. It has worked but is subtle. The effort hasn't been much so I am going to keep it up. Green is easily shaded with purple and I have added it to some of the deepest shadows especially on the faces. Beyond that I have brought highlights up a little and with the fur I went with white as the colour where it drapes over the shoulder. It is much better this way. Eight done and that means one fifth of the regiment complete. It doesn't feel like much progress but I am slowly getting there. I haven't considered what to paint next, that will be in the far future sadly. It will also sadly be more Orcs, I have just got to get through them.


  1. Excellently painted - the shading and highlighting are superb.

    1. Thanks they took a fair bit of effort to get done. I have almost no motivation to do more! Let's see what AoS brings.

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