October 21, 2015

Age of Sigmar Bases

I wanted to do something a bit more involved than my standard basing scheme for my Age of Sigmar bases. I still wanted it to fit with my older stuff so some thought was involved. What I finally came up with was a ruined temple. It fits fairly well within the setting. To make it convincing I got together some simple moulds for details.I am painting the stone in a marble effect. I have tried this out before with mixed success.

I want the bases to contrast well with the models that are on them and so a light colour works well enough and remains fairly neutral still.
I can get a lot more elaborate with the bigger bases but for now a stump is as exciting as it is going to get. I have to consider the best way to do fallen pillars and maybe even a tumbled statue or two. I will definitely need some better mould making materials if I am going to do that though.


  1. Nice - a work of art unto itself

  2. AsI am not painting an armies worth of miniatures it seemed worthwhile to put some effort into these.

  3. They look great! Would love a tutorial though...


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