January 2, 2016

Witchfate Tor Part 1

I bought this model at the same time as the Dreadstone Blight. I pretty much instantly regretted the decision as I bought them without paying any attention to the pictures. Once it arrived I realised that they are more or less the same model with an additional layer on top.I put it together last year but didn't do much with it. I decided the other day that leaving it on top of my display cabinet gathering dust probably wasn't getting the best use out of it even if it is an impressive dust magnet. With that in mind and the strong possibility of an Age of Sigmar campaign coming up in the next few months I decided to get this piece done. I will approach it a level at a time working from the top down. I went with Averland colours as that represents my opponents colour scheme and offers a decent contrast. The darker stone work had already been painted so I went back and painted a lighter stone colour. So far this is what I have managed. Only three more levels and a base to do, that can't take too long right?

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