January 4, 2017

I am back, again.

I need to get back on track and do some painting. I have barely done any over the last year and while I have been blaming not having a clear hobby focus I realy think it comes down to me being a bit lazy. Well that and a severe lack of free time. I started my own company last year which seemed managable at the time and well while it has been relatively succesful it also means I have a lot less time than I would like to have. In the end it came down to having easier options to spend the idle hours in the evening on. However I am pretty determined to get back to the table and to do some painting. Exactly what I am going to do is the problem.

Anyway so what is the challenge part? The challenge is to paint 150pts (or equivalent) of an army a month as a baseline for my efforts. If I could manage that I would have a good 1800pt GW army which would be nice to have. I also have to restrict my spending. I don't currently spend that much on my hobby but I am getting more and more tempted by all the releases I am seeing. What options on painting do I have?

I picked up some of my old Space Marines from the miniature repository that is my parents house. I have a few to my name but being honest I have never painted a Space Marine. I really want to start painting something new with a different style and this would be perfect for that. I wouldn't have to spend too much but as theses marines are from fifth edition I would have to update them a little.
I don't really have many models for this but maybe enough for a retinue for an Inquisitor. I have always wanted an Inquisition army due to the sheer variety that the army can have and as such I could tie them in with the Marines above. I also note that there might be some new models coming out soon and if so that would definitely spark my interest.
Khorne Bloodbound
I picked these up cheap recently and as a painting project they would be great. i have enough pieces from my old Chaos army to bulk up what I got so I could probably hit the 1800pts easily enough. I am also tempted to try out an underpainting technique on these which should make them fast to paint. That would also be important.
I have had a sizable Khador force for a long while with only small bits of it painted up. While MKIII hasn't been tempting me too much I would like to get these models finished for a long time. I would have to buy a few things to update the force to be a more useable one, something I am hesitant to do. I also don't think I would enjoy painting them that much.
I missed out on the fantastic GW army deal in December for these. I would have had a completed force if I could have picked it up. Sadly it sold out fast. I have a lot of 'Ardboyz here already and I only need a few brutes and characters to have this army completed. If I was getting regular games of AOS I would definitely pick this army, sadly I am not.
Free People
I always wanted an Empire army even though I actually had one. I collected an all mounted army a long time ago. Basically the idea was born of trying to get 1000pts for €100. I managed it by getting all knights. However I really wanted a foot army. I have a lot of bits I could use for this army and it is tempting to trawl ebay for the previous edition of miniatures. They don't come up that often and still sem to command a good price so I don't think I will go for this army just yet.
Plans are already afoot here in Hamburg to have an ongoing Wild West themed game. An agreement may have been made to purchase these at Tactica this year. I guess these are definitely on the table.
Again this is inevitable. I mainly play Malifaux and I want to have a crew. What is holding me back is the fact that I play almost exclusively online via VASSAL. Eventually however I will take the plunge.

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