October 19, 2009

The ambush

I have noticed what may be a national characteristic here in Germany, the lyrical ambush. This has happened to me a few times already and I am waiting prepared for the next occurence! The best example I can think of is this: I was asked what the word 'Levy' meant. I explained that it is special type of tax and recieved a look of incomprehension. Then I was asked again as there must be another meaning. I thought for a second and then explained that a levee was an obstruction both naturally and artifically created to prevent rivers from flooding. Once again a look of incomprehension but at least the guy left. Eventually the guy returned and said what does "I drove my chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry" mean? Hmmm this time the incomprehension was mine!

I was in Hannover at the weekend. I attempted to attend a tournament and party there. Sadly I missed the tournament due to the party! I was going just to spectate and see what the armies were like. It would be nice to know what exactly is acceptable in terms of nastiness for armies. I don't want to turn up at the first tournament with what I thought was fine but nobody else does. Maybe it will be the one time I would get away with it? There has been a huge amount of disscussion online about army compositions within the Irish Warhammer Community. It is great to see everyone chatting about it and hopefully some reasonable concensus will be reached! With the vastly improved tournament scene there now I think these types of issues really need to be discussed.

I am still slowly getting the army prepared. Sadly real life things like a job are getting in my way. I suppose I should be happy about that but still today I would have prefered to paint. The Chaos Warriors are what I am working on at the moment. As I can't glue the shields and weapons on to these guys yet but I still want to use them. I felt they needed some attention. At least that way my opponents can see exactly what they are armed with. I have half of them started. It takes a long time to do one!

I incorporated a few Slaanesh symbols onto these guys. The helmets come with a tiny symbol in the centre. GW really hot the ball with this one. The mould line runs right down through the centre of the delicate sigil. I removed it fairly well but on one or two of the models so far I have also managed to remove part of the symbol. Annoying but a steady hand fixs them up pretty well. The heads look really great on the warriors. I don't have a clue what colour to do the crest in. I was thinking a dark grey blended up to white, keeping the colour cold. It should offer some contrast to the warmer palette but not distract from the details. It will be the last thing I paint on them anyway.

I still haven't finished with the Hounds. They are almost done, I think the claws are the last bit to do. To tie them in with the army I put some lava on these guys too. I wasn't sure what colour to do the scales so I experimented with the same pattern as the armour. Its not bad!


  1. Love the Slaanesh plumed helmets on these guys, they look awesome and the colour scheme looks incredible! Where did you get all the helmets from?

  2. They're looking absolutely stunning! Both the Warhounds and the Warriors, well done! Good call on the lava-scales, think it looks great, and painting "cold" plumes for the Wariors sounds like a good idea.

    Afraid I can't help you with the meaning behind the lyrics of American Pie, but it's certainly an interesting and strange custom, ambushing people like that, hehe.

  3. Hi Phil!!!! I don't know anything about gaming stuff, but I just wanted to say hi. And thanks for commenting on my blog. Its nice to know that someone actually reads the damn thing.

    You'll be entertained when I tell you that i'm hanging out with so many Americans now and they keep slagging me about how irish I sound. Hahaha.

    I hope things are going well for you over there, and that you're german is coming along nicely. I really hope we get to visit you and anouk there. If richie ever gets a job, and we have money again. Fingers crossed.

    Okay, that's all.

    Smooches, and hi to anouk!


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