October 2, 2009

Testing the colours...

I am trying to not be distracted by all the cute red squirrels in the backyard attempting to hide nuts. Some strange mischevious streak in me wants to go down and move the nuts around! It is quite cool to have squirrels in the backyard. Between them and the odd birds it is quite a sanctuary! I am finally close to a stage where I can begin to paint my Warriors of Chaos. As a break from sculpting cloaks (24 done, 30 to go!) I decided to paint this guy to test the colours, well some of them at least, for the army. I also need some practise as I haven't painted anything to a high standard recently. I wanted to keep them warm so bleached bone was a base for the highlights on almost everything. I have some practise with this style of a palette with my Circle of Orboros horde. I do want to expand on that into new colours.

The skin needed to be sickly, well he is nurgle after all, so I shaded that with a nice green. I want the skin pale but warm for the army. I won't be doing it too much like this guy but it was some practise! For the rest of the army I will build from a brown base except for the more corrupted members. A purple base and whiter highlight should make them distinct. Well I hope so! I have some Daemonettes that will eventually become Forsaken. These will be the most corrupt and feature almost pure white skin. What position this guy will have in my army I don't know as I never intended to have a Nurgle Sorcerer. He came as a gift. Having now painted him I have come to like the model more. I hated it at first. Now I am considering that I might mount him in a chariot so I would have to get a second model. We shall see. Its not a priority just yet.

I need to do something about the poor symbol I painted on the skull. It is terrible. While a bad workman blames the tools I do have to say my detail brush is useless. I can't get paint to 'flow' from it at all. I suppose it is time to upgrade from the GW brushes! I will have to search around Hamburg for a good arts and crafts shop. The Windsr and Newton brushes seem to be the best. They are spoken of most fondly on the Warhammer Forum. I hope the shop near Jungfernstieg sells them. I am finally getting to know my way around without constant references to the map I carry. I still haven't managed to get a game here yet but I still have hope!


  1. I think it's a really good colour theme you've got going there: many tend to drown Nurgle in washes of green and brown, but I think your more earthly colours makes for a much better look, and also makes the details of that particular model pop.

    Will you keep the brown and grey theme for your Slaaneshi units aswell, or have you something else planned? Looking forward to seeing them - can't say I envy your sculpting project, but it's looking very good so far, so keep it up!

  2. Hi redmanphill,

    Nice work on the Nurgle sorcerer. I used to have some Newton brushes and they were excellent they have some specifically designed for acryllics.

    Anyway, while I'm here I wanted to invite you to join our Warhammer forum. We're always on the lookout for keen gamers and Warhammer bloggers with something to offer to the community.

    I see you're already a member of warhammer org but you might find our much smaller Warhammer community a bit more personable. Most of the guys have been around for a while now, there are about 300 of us. We're mainly about WFB but also have small threads on the other GW games.

    If you're interested:-

    our Warhammer Fantasy Forum

    All the best,
    my Games Workshop blog

  3. BTW, I'm adding you to the Battle Reporter blogroll (that's my GW blog link above). I think you're running a great blog that my readers would also be interested in seeing.

    Keep up the good work,


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