November 11, 2009

Slowly slowly

I might get these Marauders done within the week yet. I have three finished of twelve at least. I had to experiment with the colours a little as I wasn't sure how they would all go together. I can really see how rusty (and possibly lazy) I have become in regards to painting. My transitions in the blends are poor and I really need to work out how I used to do them. It probably just means a bit more time and effort invested per model. While these are gaming models I still want them to come out as best as possible. Most of the problems emerged on the trousers. The stark transitions I managed were not what I wanted. A glaze brought them back into realms of normality at least. Then the highlight over the scorched brown for the belts and straps are far to subtle. A problem I also have to keep in mind is the beards. The colurs on them can easily look similar to the other browns I am using. At least with these three guys I can keep the beards quite red and not worry. On the others they may start to blend in too much.

The cloaks came out quite well despite the sculpting! I can really tell the difference between the professional sculpts and my attempts. I think the transitions from a darker centre to the much lighter sides need a better method. These are okay but the way I did the fur makes it difficult. Thankfully I know I have sculpted the fur for the other regiments much better so hopefully it is easier and nicer to paint. I still have to sculpt the cloaks for the knights and characters. I have been avoiding that as it can get fairly monotonous!

Progress on Crom has begun. I don't really know why I have begun to paint him at all. I don't intend really using him. Any of the lists I have made never includes a hero on foot. Maybe I can use him as a champion in a warriors regiment? The idea for a Battle Standard is gone, well at least with using this model. I don't like the angles on the joints of the arms as it means he is holding the standard at a strange almost unnatural angle. I think I will keep on the lookout for a suitable mounted version, as not only is it better in games terms but gives a chance for a more dynamic model.


  1. Well - slowley - but good work: eyes and bases!

    Kind Regards from Germany,


  2. I really, really like how your mauraders turned out. They are so much better than the standard GW models.

  3. Nice to see your Marauders progress.
    The cloaks really adds a lot of character to them, and you've done a very good job with the detailing of their eyes.
    If you're afraid of getting too much brown, with brown beards, you could try a blonde/straw-coloured beard/hair for them.

    Kuffeh got a nice tutorial on that over at his blog, (hope I managed to type it off right..)

    Crom's also looking very nice, with that conversion work you did, he's become an even greater model. I don't know if it is possible to remove him from the base and put him on a chariot, if you'd rather have him moving about a bit faster? Either way, he's a nice piece for display, at least if you continue the great paint job you've done so far. And there's always the "job" as a chamion of a regular regiment - eventually as part of a unit of Chosen, if you plan on including some of those? Just some suggestions tossed into the air, heh. Looking forward to the finished model!


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