December 23, 2009

A game a week?

So a game a week then? I have heard about this aim in White Dwarf and it actually is appealing. A game a week should be possible? To be honest I doubt it but I am going to try. After spending so much money and time preparing an army I might as well get some use out of it. The gaming should help to keep me motivated about the painting too. The lead collection has already begun to mount in Germany. I really need to stop collecting... as if that would actually be possible. I have two days off over Christmas so I don't know if I will actually get that much painting done. The Forsakenettes need to be finished soon as I can't really be bothered with them anymore. While I will need them to bulk out the army a bit until I have knights and stuff ready I don't see myself using them. They are really sub-optimal. I don't think they would even be good for fun games!

The extra gaming would be great in terms of improving my gameplay. I have noticed that I am not that sharp anymore (in game terms!). I make really stupid mistakes and while I don't believe my army choice is optimal I make things far worse for myself by not paying attention. The mistakes can be ironed out by playing more. The army list is something else entirely though... In terms of army choice or list making I have so much useless things in there. My 2000pt army is bigger than most horde armies. I could almost challenge the new skaven for sheer numbers! I have bought a few new toys to change the army a little. Two spawn should give me better options as will a Warshrine. The Spawn models are pretty terrible though. When I finally saw them 'in the flesh' I was dissapointed.. They have poor poses, poor sculpts and not really that many options. Still they will do for now. The one I was sculpting myself won't be done for a while! The Warshrine I am converting from the Corpse Cart. I have to figure out a way to have it pulled by a Chaos Steed though. It also needs to fit inside the foam case, which thankfully has a slot for a chariot at least. The Warshrine has the potential to make for a very powerful unit somewhere on the board. It also gives a nice focal point for the army. With what I already have and the additions I should be able to come up with a

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