January 2, 2010

Progress so far

The Forsakonettes are finished! Thankfully I managed to get something done for the army. Only getting to paint for a few hours each weekend really means I am getting no progress done. Joined with that is the fact I am not currently inspired to keep painting. I need to get some gaming in soon! I am sadly going to miss the 3rd and 4th ranking tournaments back in Ireland as this month is too packed with things to do other than gaming. It an attempt to get myself motivated again I am going to paint something that should be a little quicker to get done.

Following Old Fogey's philosophy of painting in threes I will be doing a spawn as the final third of my second set. Confused? Check out his Hobby Horse blogwhere he explains the theory. I have put together this spawn a little differently than the ones on the box. I don't want mine to look too corrupted as that wouldn't fit with what will hopefully be the eventual feel of the army. I have some green stuff work still to do. I want him to have quite a lot of fur. I would like him to look like a bloated marauder whose fur cloak has actually started to grow from his skin. I am also really restricted in modelling terms by the fact that the storage area within my Battlefoam tray is very small. While it is tall the space measures 42mm x 42mm. That gives very little room for the model to overhang the base.

Suprisingly it is hard to photograph even a small army! This is the best I could manage! Poor I know but at least it gives a flavour of what the army looks like at this stage. I never really wanted to have Forsaken in the army but I wanted to paint the Daemonettes rather than leaving them to join the mounting pile of plastic. They are done now and as they take up almost two hundred points I will be fielding them to make the numbers up. I am not sure exactly where to progress from here. I have most of the regiments constructed and even two of them half painted. The lack of motivation makes it difficult to decide what to do next. The light sourced marauders wouldn't take much effort to get done without the light source. The other regiment of hounds that I have probably wouldn't take too long either. However both of these don't add many points to the project. I would like to have something playable sooner rather than later!


  1. The army's looking good so far. So strange to see daemons with mortals in pictures anymore. Great job on the armor and thanks for sharing how to do it!

  2. Great looking girls, and good on you for running them as forsaken more out of modeling than WAAC purposes ;) There aren't too many of us using forsaken, so good luck with your own frothing weirdos. Have you thought about running them as 2x 5? If you've got the slots it seems like a working proposition, for suicide charging into war machines and assassinating mages and such. Really I think 6-7 is the ideal, as you get some ablative wounds but can still flank properly, or can even (with some intense luck) front charge low CR units and mangle them. At one point I was going to run 9 in my Tizz army - yea fluff! - but I've backed down to 6-7 depending on points.

    Anyway, nicely painted army so far, and I dig where the new trimed-down spawn is headed.

    - Salvage


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