February 14, 2010

Getting back on track

Kobold KingI picked up this miniature during the week while browsing a local games store. I wanted to get something to paint that wasn't going to invlove too much work and concentration. The house move didn't quite go to plan due to the weather here. That means we are pretty much without any furniture and as such I don't really have space to paint at the moment. The apartment is just filled with boxes. The Kobold King is a Reaper model, I am assuming generally used for roleplay. The details are fine but it differs from GW and Privateer Press models quite a lot. The sophistication of the textures is pretty simple which actually makes the painting more difficult. For just under two hours work he came out quite well. I am actually tempted to get a few more Kobolds and making a regiment of them. As to what I would use it for I have no idea but maybe it would be good for a scenario or something.

Kobold King I do seem to have found a decent roleplaying group finally. At the moment we are doing a few one off games testing different systems. I hope that after a while we will be able to get into a campaign. The last system we tried was Red Line, a Mad Max setting using DnD 3rd edition. It was good and hopefully next weekend we can finish off the scenario we have started. I have been reading a lot since I can't paint much at the moment. I have picked up quite a few of the latest Dungeons and Dragons books. Some of them have proven pretty good but I think the generic setting hampers them from giving good details. The Underdark is a really iconic setting but in the attempt to make the game more fun they neglect what makes it so good. Essentially the game is presented in this setting as the same as others with a few flavour changes. A bit of a pity I think.

I am still continuing with the Chaos army though progress has been slow. The next tournament coming up is at the beginning of March. Sadly I won't have the army done to my satisfaction. I mihgt then take my Dwarves along instead and it also provides with a decent army to bring back to Germany. I am hoping that with the coming of the newest edition Dwarves may somehow get a boost. They are one of my favorite armies of all time but they are a little boring to play over an extended period. I am generally able to play a tournament with them but afterward I get bored. It would be nice to have a second army here though.

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  1. Come on Phil, those WoC are never going to get done if you keep procrastinating. Yes, that's right, I can say that now!


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