February 27, 2010

Getting back on track

After the horrible results of washing this spawn I was prepared to dump him entirely. Instead I struggled on and experimented a little, especially with the horns. He came out okay in the end except for the strange white residu in the cracks. I have also now found a nice enough way to paint horns at least large ones. I have my painting desk finally together and with the daylight bulbs it is finally possible to paint in the evenings after work. To celebrate I took out my marauders on foot and got them almost base coated. They are pretty boring to do and probably not the best choice to keep me enthusiastic but a good start was made at least. With all the rumours of eight edition around it would seem that infantry are being given a boost. At least this way I am tempted to construct another warrior regiment and a chosen regiment. I should concentrate on painting what I have built already though...

I am off back to Ireland next weekend for the Battlecry tournament. I am looking forward to it but I don't think I will manage to succesfully defend my title. I won the tournament the last time it was held with a fairly nasty zombie heavy list. Wwhile my memory can't recall all the details it was a tough day of gaming. Hopefully this is going to be good. As I still have not managed to paint this chaos warrior army I will be borrowing one, hopefully Beastmen. I will at least get to try out the new book and have some fun. I am assuming the only way to go is with a lot of Chariots. The composition restrictions are pretty tough so the armies should be nice and somewhat fluffy. It will be a good introduction to the new lists (Skaven and Beasts) out since I last played on the scene.

I picked up AT-43 during the week due to its popularity in work. A few people there have played a little. The factions look interesting too. The Red Blok have taken my fancy, there is something about Russian style factions that I like. Any way I have only played the introductionary scenario and it wasn't anything special. It would seem that the system plays much like any other sci-fi system out there except with a funky activation order. I will play a few more of the scenarios before I invest. The army box does seem cheap however at €60 for a fully painted 2000pt force, which I assume is the standard game size. It also comes fully painted, to a poor standard, meaning it can just be left in work and played at lunchtimes there... The benefits of working for a games company I suppose.


  1. Nice to see you back in the game, so to say!

    Your spawn's looking very good in my opinion, although a shame about the white stuff.. I must say it's hard to spot on those pictures though, so it would seem like it's gotten a lot better!
    I really like the horns, always been a challenge for me to paint, a least large ones. Yours have this very nice realistic feel to them, well done!

    Looking forward to more updates, and I hope to get a nice report from your dealings in Ireland! Best of luck!

  2. I agree the Spawn looks great especially like the green stuff coming out of his mouth. And the extra work on the base really makes the model stand out


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