October 5, 2010


It has to be the most boring task of a painter - basecoating. It is especially boring the more models you have to do! With these Dwarves I am going crazy! They at least don't have too many large spaces that need paint such as horses. The Beards cover most of them. Getting an even coat on the flesh is tough despite using the foundation paints. I find that they get really thick soon after you use them for the first time and you quickly need to begin watering them down pretty heavily which as you would expect breaks their coverage. I am still not convinced about these paints. However as I somehow have to Dwarf Flesh I needed to use Tallarn Flesh as the closest equivalent. I am coing around more and more to adopting a different paint set. I think I will pick up some of the Privateer Press paints to try again. I might also cehck some Coat d'Arms also. Not sure yet...


The colour scheme is one I have used for most of the regiments I have already painted that are residing in Ireland for now. I am hoping they match up fairly closely. I went through all my photo albums in the hope I had documented my painting of the dwarves. Other than a few random shots I am working from memory. Not only did I paint this army years ago but I also last gamed with them years ago! I really only know I used red, green and gold. So hopefully I can guess correctly exactly which shades. Otherwise I am going to have a fairly motely army! So now I am getting back to shading these guys. Thankfully the GW washes are available now!

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