October 4, 2010

Getting started

So work has begun! I have the dwarves assembled and undercoated. I forgot how annoying that the 'new' dwarf models are to put together. They really suck. I am not sure why the designers went for ths style against the previous one. The older one consists of legs and head being separate from the body. Now the back and the legs are one piece with the chest and head being a second piece. They fit together poorly and make a big gap if done incorrectly. Well they are assembled now so thankfully no need to do any more of that!

PhotobucketI had to make a few regiment fillers. The number of Dwarves I needed to get ready was far to much to expect to get done this week. The fillers take the space of eight dwarves and involve about the same effort in painting terms as three dwarves. I have some carts spare from a few copies of Battle for Skull Pass. That means I can continue the theme across some of the other regiments and hopefully bulk them out to fit in eighth edition better. I will hopefully get all these guys base coated soon...

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