October 26, 2012

Friday Showcase- Ork Trukk

This model isn't finished! I am kind of cheating my putting it up on my Friday showcase. All that needs to be done is to finish the tires. However I don't want to do that without basing the model. I know that 40k vehicles don't come with a base but the model doesn't look finished until the base is done! I don't know what to use but I would like to have it similar to a normal GW base. Maybe one of the new fantasy bases would fit, something a little bigger than a chariot base. I have to find another that fits the battlewagon, that is going to be an even bigger pain!


  1. 2mm Plasti-card cut to fit ought to work for a base.

  2. 2mm plasticard is next to impossible to get in Germany, any plasticard tends to be a problem. I will have a look around and see what is available!


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