December 11, 2014

Belated Spider Riders

I finished these models a while ago but I forgot to post them here. I am really glad I got them finished as I was not enjoying painting them. I can't say that they were particularly hard to do but they just took so long I got bored. I had intended doing ten or twelve of these but five was the limit. I left the rest of them in Hamburg when I came to Finland. I can revisit the regiment at a later date. I have doubts as to their effectiveness in the game. They are too vulnerable to panic tests, especially small regiments. Also they tend to operate away from the general or battle standard bearer so they can't use their benefits. The biggest problem for a fast mobile and useful regiment of light cavalry such as these is the fact that at least one turn of a standard game they will be sitting around doing nothing due to animosity. I don't know if this is really reflected in the points cost of the regiment. Once I get the rest of them painted up I can test them in a few games and see if they really are worth it. I do have forty of these models and so I could do a rather large single unit. I doubt I would punish myself with that though.


  1. You need to look into alternative game systems! A unit like this would be fine in most games, or you could use them individually in skirmish games. WHFB has become so go-big-or-go-home it's laughable. Don't punish yourself, try something new, you will get back to enjoying painting in smaller quantities. Or don't, as you please, but think about it. Leaving Warhammer behind was the best hobby decision I made in the past couple of years.

  2. Very nice indeed! There's a grain of truth in what Old Fogey says about GW but it's up to YOU what you do with their rules. Play smaller games. Play the way YOU want to :-)


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