December 17, 2014

Boarboy conversions

I have loads of Boars and hopefully a load of riders for them. I haven't dug through the bits box to see exactly what I have yet but there should be some. I don't really like the old Boars that much so I have decided to make a few changes. As the heads are what most people will see that is where I have focused my work. Firstly extending the tuft of hair on the head makes the boar look a little bigger. I don't have a rider here to see if I went overboard or not but it should be fine. Then some armour allows me to do some more interesting painting on these guys. A large plate on the front will let me do the check patteren I have done on the rest of the armour. I am debating whether or not I should add a blade or a spike. I probably will. I also have to add some rivets but I will only do that once I am completely finished. I have also added some chainmail. I did this before I stuck the head onto the boar and I managed to get the angle of the fall wrong. I will take the chainmail off and redo it maybe with some plates or even some leather. I would like to improve my chainmail sculpting as I may use it on more models in the future. I also want to add a few smaller details such as spikes along the bottom of the facial armour plate, again this needs to have the angle changed slightly and a rivet added. It worked out decently well though and it looks like I can use it on the other models.

If anyone has spare plastic rider legs from the old Orc regiment box please let me know as I will need some to get a nice sized unit of these done.

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