January 19, 2015

First Pair of Savage Orcs

Savage Orcs are next on the list to get painted. I bought these when I lived in England many years ago. There was a good second hand shop for miniatures where you could get some really great deals. A lot of my students paltry income was spent there on projects I still haven't finished. I painted a few of these when I got them but they were shelved relatively quickly in favour of something else. I think in this case my first Hordes miniatures. I painted them rather quickly mainly with some drybrushing on the skin and some tattoos to break it up. I will post some pictures of them before I paint over them.

I am happy enough with these two Orcs, I still think that there is room for improvement but as I have to do forty of these there is only so much I am willing to do
. The skin needs a little more refinement. The colour and tone is fine but getting a better defined muscles and facial features would be good. Aalso the fur is really poor. It doesn't have enough of a paintable texture to do much other than drybrushing and washing. I wanted to transition from a dark fur colour to a lighter one. I did that but I think it could have been done better. A lighter tone on top would give a better contrast. I am not changing it now but I will do on the future versions of these models.I didn't want to go with a grey stone for the weapons so I went with brown. I think that worked out quite well so I will definitely be copying that through the rest of the regiment. Again the bases aren't done. I can worry about that once I know if I need round ones or not. I really hope I dodn't need round bases...


  1. Very nice! I've just painted close to 150 SOBs myself. It's a pleasant change to see someone else's approach.

    1. Well these are currently under review. I think I will make some changes as I am just not happy with them.


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