January 15, 2015

Night Goblins finished?

Finally these sixty models are done. It was quite a slog towards the end but I managed to push through. I have refrained from finishing the bases as I may have to put them on round ones all too soon. Hopefully that doesn't come to pass, it would just feel wrong. Then again who knows? It could be great. I am pretty enthusiastic about ninth edition. While it will be a big change I don't think it will be bad. Warhammer needs a shake up, the fluff needs to progress desperately and be maintained in this progress. The armies are fairly static and boring especially if you have played since third edition. Very little has changed and to be honest it is boring to see the same armies hit the table game after game.

I don't know if I will ever need these sixty models. If the game is becoming smaller then larger regiments will probably be superfluous. Maybe it will be possible amongst veteran players to up the points to a level whereby the number of models are similar to before and the game still plays well. We will just have to wait and see. The next regiment up on the pianting block will be my Savage Orcs. I have about forty of these and I have been putting them on the long finger for quite a while. I don't have much more to do during the long dark evenings here in Finland.


  1. You´ve done some magnificent job an painting these little guys! Hopefully there will be no change to round bases...

  2. Thanks guys, I am slowly getting the Savage Orcs done so I might have an update soon.

  3. I admire your dedication. I have a unit of 50 that are taking me forever to finish and I'm only putting checked hoods on the command group. That extra effort really does pay off as these look outstanding!


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