April 28, 2017

WIP Ironjawz

I've finally made a start on my Orruk Brutes. These are interesting models. This one is at least thirteen pieces to put together but the result is great. The detail is sharp and crisp and the effect is very layered, something impossible only a few years ago with plastics. I am quite impressed. I can only wonder how good the bigger kits that have come out must be. As for painting I went with a slightly different and rather time consuming weathering technique. The large armour plates need a bit more work to look good and so I went with this style. Its come out okay so far but hopefully I can refine it a bit as I continue so that its quicker and maybe not so stark. I do the scratches with a dark red. I layer some orange over this. Its a little stark but its hard to get a colour that works over the yellow and the black segments.  I still have a lot to go with this model. The skin will be especially intersting to do as the few ways I've tried so far haen't come out as I'd like and I think I'll have to resort to the tried and tested pallid green skin. I've spent way too long on this model already which doesn't bode well for the rest of the army...

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