May 2, 2017

Wasteland Bases

It's not the greatest of photographs but I think it gets the message across. I usually always do the same type of bases for my armies as it makes it easier to mix and match them as I want and it fits with my terrain collection. For the Ironjawz however I really wanted to do something different. I had tried a few ways that would combine what you see here with what I have done previously and well it just didn't work. I had been wanting to play with the new GW texture paints too so this served a double purpose. I could do some new basing techniques and try out the new paints at the same time. While this isn't finished its close to being done. The addition of the skull adds a lot of character and evokes the landscape in a way that the colours and texture just don't manage. I'll stick with this scheme for now and add a few more elements. Some dried grass tufts and low bushes would also be good. I just have to get some wire thats fine enough to make the style of thorny bushes I imagine growing in this wasteland.

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