August 27, 2018

For Gondor

Despite the absolutely tiny scale of these models I persevered and managed to finish twelve of them over the weekend, twice of what I need to play Battle Companies. I knew the miniatures were 25mm scale before I started but I am so used to the larger heroic 32mm of Games Workshops other models I really struggled to paint these. They aren't the most fantastically detailed sculpts, mainly being one piece. They are fun to do however and I discovered a few short cuts to make them much faster to paint, undercoating them grey was a big one. I also sneaked in Boromir with these. It's a quick paint job again but the objective of these is to get them onto the table for two weeks time and not spend an age painting them. I still feel like I did the model justice but I wasn't going to spend a whole day painting him. Two hours was long enough. now that my good warband is done I have to look to the Mines of Moria for my next! I have a bunch of the goblin models that I will be stripping paint off of tonight and then hopefully making quick progress on. They'll possible be my next update here but I have also been making slow progress on the Nighthaunts.

1 comment:

  1. You did a good job on them. I don't bother with eyes on the grunts at this scale, that would save you some time!


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