August 10, 2009

Bye bye my marauders

So the first shipment of miniatures have departed. I have sent my marauders to Germany! I am slowly moving my Warriors of Chaos over in my luggage when I fly. I am worried about how I will fit the army box into the bag. I suppose I will have to open it and split it up a little. The new style and shape of box seem to be huge in comparison to the older Games Workshop ones. I still have about eight boxes to manage along with paints and modelling supplies. Who needs clothes?

I am hoping to have what I need for a two thousand points plus army there when I arrive so that I don't have to worry about getting anything further for a while. I have a massive number of unopened boxes won at various tournaments so I will be trading these in to pick up the final pieces I need such as some Daemonettes and Spawn. The Daemonettes I intend to use for simple conversions such as head swaps for the champions. I will probably use their bodies as the basis for Chosen or Forsaken. It's annoying that Daemons can't be used in the lists anymore, even in a lesser form like the 40k codex. To cut them so completely seems a little dramatic especially as with their inclusion in the book they might sell more?

I am going to theme the army towards Slaanesh just because I want something a little different. I tend to go for Nurgle as my favourite power. I have found that Nurgle can be forgiving when it comes to green stuff skills. I don't think that Slaanesh will be quite so easy to convert. Rather than spending a lot of time applying green stuff mutations, like I did with my Nurgle Ogre army, I will be relying more on painting to show the allegiance of this force. A simple palette of colours with the inclusion on purple here and there should be enough.

I have managed to find a Hamburg Warhammer Club at least so gaming won't be a problem. Once I get a small force together, which should be easy with Chaos, I will get a few games in. I suppose getting something assembled to use would be best. So I probably have an army of little grey men and dogs for a while! I hope they don't mind. I just need to find a DnD club next!

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