September 29, 2009

Waaaaagh! Battlecry Miniatures

I recieved some nice resin bases at the tournament in Gorey. A new company Battlecry Miniatures is starting up and the owner was there. He gave me a choice of bases to test and I selected two. I got one rock bae and one woodland base. I decided to paint them up and review them here. Sadly I have started basing my Warriors of Chaos army already so I won't be using them for a while! Once I start another project, maybe a Mordheim Warband or such I will pick up a selection.
The bases I selected are nice especially the rock base. The rocks are incorporated into the earth ginving a nice visual effect and highlighting the 3-d effect. It was easy to paint and didn't need to be washed before I primed it. The details were easily picked out with some careful highlights and without factoring in drying time it probably took me less than a minute to paint the base. The rocks provide a flat base for two feet, an important design consideration. It also allows for a more dynamic pose by putting one foot on the rock with the other below it on the level of the earth. The rest of this range that I saw were great. The design seemed excellent and their were no flaws.

The Woodland base I was less impressed with. While it was still good it wasn't of the same quality as the rock base. These bases I believe were the first produced and done so more as a test to see how it worked than as a production line. The tree stump was poorly sculpted. While it gave a good impression of a rotten stump it lacked some definition. It also didn't provide a surface that a standard miniature can easily be posed on. The detail of the earth and small rocks was excellent. The base took paint well and again didn't need to be washed before I began. I added some leaves to cover a tiny bare patch on the base.

Altogether the bases were excellent. These are the first resin bases I have painted. The ranges I was shown looked excellent especially the cracked earth bases. I look forward to seeing some more of these. I would recommend them but would make sure that my models are easily posed before buying!

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