July 18, 2010

Eight Edition

So eight edition is here, finally. I have to admit I was sick of Warhammer. It had gotten to a point where it not only bored me but it annoyed me too. The game wasn't fun, I really couldn't find a way to make it fun. I blame it a lot on the fact that I was playing too many tournaments and so were my opponents. At a certain point that leaks into the supposedly 'fun' games. Eventually you are facing a tournament list across the table when you are just trying to play for fun. It seemed that the game really had become a no holes bared competition. That and the fact that my painting time was suffering basically means I haven't played in at least six months. I have been painting however though this has been for a 40k Ork army. I have always wanted one and I finally picked one up before my move. However listening to the ever increasing number of podcasts that are available now got me interested in pulling out the chaos and painting again.

So today I cleared the Orks from the painting desk and pulled out the Chaos Troops. I got online and ordered some new stuff for the army too. I also finally ordered the rulebook as I was a little hesitant about getting it. As this edition has changed a lot there are many things I don't think I will be using much in this edition. My Chaos Knights have essentially been relegated to a nice to have regiment rather than a must have. I will of course still use them as cavalry are good but as I need some numbers I think leaving out the cvalry is best.

I ordered some Ogres. Monsterous Infantry seem to be excellent now and I have indulged. While I would really prefer to have some Trolls the models are pretty poor and I would prefer to wait for potential plastics! The Ogres models are ones I am very familar with as I have a Nurgle themed Ogre army already. The models are easily converted and I relish the chance to make some armoured Ogres. I am hoping it is easy to do but we shall see. I will be making them look like a cross between my marauders and warriors! Anyway thats for the future. I need to get the core troops out first.

Looking at the numbers I will have just over one hundred models in my army. Its actually a lot smaller than I would like but at least it is a reasonable target. Looking at what I painted before I really haven't much progress made in the army. I now only have a spawn finished and some marauders. I don't intend using the warriors I painted now as I can't get the pieces I need to finish the regiment off. The Slaanesh helmets are impossible to get now and I was lucky to have the twelve I used already. So for now I have in mind two regiments of twenty warriors and that means I need to paint them from scratch. I will keep the same paint scheme as it is nice in my opinion and easily enough done. With the Marauders I have twelve with great weapons done and I have eighteen with hand weapons and shields base coated. So I have a beginning at least!

Anyway I will try to keep this blog up now and chronicle the armies progress. It will probably be slow enough to start but hopefully I can get enough momentum to carry me through to the next tournament season!

I made a list finally last night and I hope it is somewhat competitive. Here it is:
Chaos List:
30 Marauders: Full command, shields
24 Marauders: Full command, great weapons
12 Chaos Warhounds
12 Marauder Horsemen: Full command, light armour, throwing axes
20 Chaos Warriors: Full command, shields
20 Chaos Warriors: Full command, halberds
6 Ogres: Full Command, chaos armour, great weapons
Hell Cannon
Exalted Hero: battle standard bearer, shield (12 points of items)
Sorcerer: Level Two (fifty points of items)
Sorcerer: Level Two (fifty points of items)
Lord: armour of damnation, berserker sword
Total Cost: 2500

Core: 1288 51.52%
Special: 350 14%
Rare: 390 15.6%
Hero: 510 20.4%
Lord: 300 12%


  1. Glad to read that the new edition is getting you back into Fantasy!

    Ogres sounds like a great idea - sculpted armour sounds very interesting! The larger blocks of infantery should be a glorious sight to behold as well, but please don't give up on those Warriors you've already made! I'm sure you could create some new heads for the remaining 8 yourself, if you just take some regular Warrior helmets, remove the horns, and then use some greenstuff to create the crest.

    The regiment got so much character, and you've spent so much time on it, that it'd be a shame to not include it in your army!

    As for your list, I'm really no expert as I've yet to play any games in 8th edition, but even though cavalry has become relatively weaker, now that the stepping up rule, lets large regiments hit back, I still believe that negating rank-bonus through flank charges, while your blocks of Marauders or Warriors hold the enemy's front lines, will be very important, and as such your list might suffer with just one regiment of Marauder Horsemen.

    Welcome back to the game, I am sure none here would mind getting a few pictures of your 40k army, though - especially if it is of the same quality as your Chaos army!

  2. Hmmm I am not sure about putting the Orks up here! They are done pretty basically as I wanted to feel like I achieved something. I will sit down some weekend and get some photographs but not soon. I am waiting for some MIG pigments to use on them and hopefully those arrive soon. Once I have them the army will be looking nice and hopefully be finally finished.


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