May 30, 2011

Artillery is good, right?

I painted my second sunburst finally. I picked this up cheap in my local shops clearout and it has been sitting for three months assembled and awaiting paint. I wasn't particularly motivated to paint this weekend but once I got started on this I couldn't stop. I haven't got enough propellant to continue my work on the Dreadstone Blight so this gave me an enexpected break. I need to seal the pigments in place before I can do anymore work on that piece. I painted the Sunburst differently from the one I did years ago. I have a vague memory of there being a lot more gold involved in the painting. Sadly I don't have them side by side to show a comparison shot. It would have been handy for me to at least attempt to get the paint schemes to be similar. Once I get back to Ireland I will be able to bring it back.

I haven't used one of these since MKI and the one I do own is in Ireland. In MKI it was useless. I used it in almost every game after I bought the Sunburst. It never hit anything but 'jacks and the scatters never really killed anyone. I persisted however... Anyway in MKII I have had some initial success. I can tell that the artillery is better simply due to the fact that it gets targetted very quickly by my oppontents. I have a tournament this weekend which I am looking forward to. I may use the Sunburst, I haven't really considered a list yet but I guess I will use the High Reclaimer...

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