September 8, 2013

Bramble Ale

In January I mentioned that I was starting a new hobby. Well here is one of the results. This is a really nice and simple IPA. It is the first beer where I got the bitterness levels perfect. I also improved the clarity a lot. The result of these two small improvements is about tenfold on the actual flavour! Sadly it is really warm here still and so I haven't managed to brew much since May. Hopefully the weather takes a turn for the worse so I can get busy in the brewhouse/mancave soon. I have invested in an all-grain set up and I haven't managed to use it yet. It was impressively expensive and so I am eager to get some small return on that. As soon as I can I have three brews planned and I can't wait.

Oh and these are the friends of the brew shown above. I have managed eight brews so far this year and while two of them were less than stellar I think I have begun to get some great results from the hobby. At least now it isn't only me who enjoys what I manage to produce. My stocks are running dangerously low at the moment so I have to start rationing all of these.


  1. 8.1 % now that's pretty strong stuff. Looks good too, nice foaming head. It's a pity we can't sample it too.

    1. There may be a chance in the near future for some sampling. I will keep you posted. 8,1% was a little high alright. I couldn't vary the ingredients as much as I would have liked and as such I had no choice but to make it strong!


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