September 5, 2013

I must resist!

As I have been playing Medieval II: Total War recently I have been getting into the mood to play some early medieval games. While SAGA covers that I have been looking at a more continental based system. Then I learned that the next supplement will cover the Crusades or the Reconquista. With my curiosity piqued I looked up some minatures that would be appropriate and I found these from Fireforge Games. Not only are they excellent for almost any army of the period they are perfect for an Empire army in Warhammer. I already have one of those but it is purely cavalry and I am really tempted to bulk it out somewhat with some of these infantry. Anyway I will endeavour to await more news on the fothcoming supplement. Once I know what is coming I will more than likely pick these up and make a nice force from them.


  1. You cannot resist those. They are awesome minis.

    A great kit, with spears and crossbows and hand weapons and knights on foot and they are interchangeable with the mounted knights and sergeants.

    1. I am endeavouring too! I can't start a new project... I just can't!


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