September 4, 2013

More Orks

It took me a little longer than I had anticipated but here is a second formation for Epic Armageddon. This time some ork infantry. I definitely have s econd formation and I intend to paint it over the coming days. I doubt though if I added up all that I have here in Germany that I would manage to field an effective army. The nobz took the longest time to paint as I did a checked design on the back banners. The are noticably taller than the boyz and I guess of a slightly larger scale. The boyz are detailed well enough for a 5mm miniature. Just enough detail that you have to pick it out even if, like I, you skip the highlighting of each individual piece. The grtchin are also well detailed and more or less the same size as the boyz reinforcing the fact that the models are of a very slightly different scale.


  1. Great stuff. I remember painting hundreds of these guys back in the day! Looking forward to seeing your next unit!

    1. Back in the day a hundred of these wouldn't have cost an arm and a leg. I am impressed with how much they go for nowadays!

  2. Nice! Sharp and clean. I like 'em. Let's get a look at those back banners on the nobz.


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