March 3, 2014

Wayne Englands 4th edition Dwarves

Lord: Light Armour, Great Weapon, Crossbow, Magic Blade (50)214
Hero: Light Armour, Shield, Magic Blade (25)132
Hero: Heavy Armour, Shield 108
Master Runesmith:178
Champion: Light Armour, Pistol 52
19 Longbeards: Full Command, Warbanner, shields.370
19 Clansmen: Standard, Musician.257
19 Warriors: Spears, Standard, Musician.276
Bolt Thrower: Light Armour60
Cannon: Light Armour 116
Flame Cannon: Light Armour125
So I finally got some time to sit down and work out the list I mentioned in one of my previous posts. It has been a really long time since I had to make an army for fourth edition Warhammer. It took me a while to find out what the costs for command groups were and I had forgotten the fact that Champions were actually separate characters. So here is my fourth edition version of Wayne Englands Dwarves. I equated everything as much as I could. I swapped the Wizard for a Master Runesmith. This was rally the only change as Wwizards were dropped completely from the Dwarf fluff at this point, sadly in my opinion. I think there could still be a place for some low powered wizards in the list but restricted to something like the Lore of Metal. I am also unclear as to what the difference between Clansmen and Warriors are in 3rd edition. I assume it is more than just a different name. I was impressed that spears were possible still in fourth edition for Clansmen to take. I would love to have some spear armed Clansmen in this current edition. I also approximated the cost of the magic items as I don't know what they were in 3rd edition and I don't have the cards from fourth to hand to check what they are close to.

The points for the two lists came out fairly close with the 3rd edition being 1780 and fourth editions being just over a hundred points more at 1888. I am really eager to see how that translates into the next book an sixth edition. The army feels right for playing in fourth edition still and only lacks some ranged units I feel. I think though once I get around to the next three editions that the army is going to feel really small really quickly.


  1. If you're not already aware, Wayne England's Dwarf army was actually used in a 4th edition battle report in WD 159 (and reprinted in the Orc and Goblin 4th edition army book). The list was a little different though, and commanded by Bill King. Notable as perhaps the only battle report Jervis Johnson actually won...

    1. I hadn't realised. I will pull down my 4th ed Orcs and Goblins book and check. Thanks


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