March 19, 2014

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers - Month Two

It is better late than never. I wasn't able to get to the internet until yesterday and so I couldn't update the Tale of Malifaux Bloggers. I have a few minutes this morning to get my stuff updated between various errands. So first of all I still haven't managed to pick up my starting box. Seemingly the weather in America has caused a delay to the European delivery and so nobody should have the new boxes yet. I am off this morning to an interview beside the gamestore and so I think I shoul be able to finally get McMourning. It does mean a lot of painting this month.

This month I won't be buying too much either as I have plans for months three and four maybe. The one thing that is essential in a McMourning crew is Flesh Constructs, you are either bringing them along anyway or summoning them with great rapidity. Therefore I really need to have a second and thankfully an alternative model comes out this month. I will be picking one of those up for sure. I am seriously tempted by a few more Canine Remains but as they haven't been released yet in plastic I am not too eager. I do want to wait until they are available. Sadly I haven't seen any rumours or confirmed releases so I shall simply continue to wait for those. That is quite annoying about Wyrd's releases. I have all the rules I need to play but I don't have the models. To make it worse I have to wait for the models. I am sure this will cost them a good few players in the long run.

Month Two
Alt. Flesh Construct $15
Monthly Total: $15
Remaining Total: $20
I am only spending fifteen dollars this month and with the ten dollars remaining already from last month, actually I have to check what the budget was, I will have a good warchest next month. I want to start focusing on alternative minions and enforcers so that I can explore McMourning a little more as I go through this project. His poison tricks are excellent but I think there are some other synergies to be exploited there. I will also have to gind a second opponent as I am very fearful of some of the abilities and tricks out there that I am not at all prepared for. I have never played Neverborn for instance and from what I hear they are quite good. Hopefully I can get what I am after soon and get to the painting.

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