July 30, 2014

Forest Goblin Test

Here is my test Forest Goblin, I even managed to do the base. I am not 100% convinced yet on the basing. It is more or less what I usually do but so far so good, eh? As for the model itself I am happy. The green is the same as the Night Goblins. With so much skin exposed it takes a little more concentration to get it looking correct. I went with a neutral scheme overall and avoided too many bright or vibrant colours. The white and black feathers look more natural than say yellow or blue. They still offer a contrast point but don't clash at all. The shield was annoying to paint and I think I shall have to redo it again. The spider motif is poorly defined and as such is hard to paint without it looking like a dark blob. As for the spider mount I stayed with neutral enough colours. The red in the legs and the carapace isn't very vibrant and serves to define the legs a little better. So the first one is done, now to get the next nine finished too.


  1. He looks super. I think the base really suits him as well. Good work.

  2. Just found your Blog. Awesome articles and brilliant painted miniatures!! Now I need some time to read all the posts :)

    I really like the skin colour of the goblins and the red on the spiders legs - solid paintjob!


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