July 24, 2014

Horrible Spiders

I think the weirdest thing about the Forest Goblin Spider Rider's mount is that at a distance of two or so feet in a darkened room they look all too convincing.

However I managed to get forty of these models I don't know. Even though it would look awesome on the table I doubt I would ever be that crazy to do it. I will be converting the Spiders in this regiment of ten at least though there are limits to what I can do with the single piece models. Three of the four here have had their legs repositioned. I haven't as yet greenstuffed the joints as I can't find my greenstuff. The difficulty is that when I reposition them they stop ranking up properly. The picture doesn't quite pick it up here. I checked out Psychosis Pc's pictures of his nicely converted Spider Riders and I may get brave and attempt something similar. The miniatures are rather tiny though so I will be limited in what my meagre skills. I would like to try a few feather cloaks though. I guess if you can manage one feather a cloak can't be too much harder right?

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  1. Glad to inspire. You also may want to take a look at my buddy Mike Butcher's spider conversions at the Butcher's Bill, linked from my forum, a bit more over the top than mine, but very cool.


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