July 10, 2014

Yet More Night Goblins

I am slowly working on my Night Goblin Arrer Boyz at the moment. Work is once again busy and combined with good weather and a few beer festivals I am supplying I really don't have as much time as I would like. I do get to squeeze in about an hour a day however and that allows me to make some progress on the goblins. I don't go into too much detail with them and if I paint six at a time I can usually get one thing done before I have to stop. The face/skin takes the most effort but it is worth it as the most distinctive piece on the model. I have another eighteen to go but with some luck I will have made a decent dent in them by next week. I will have to get back to painting orcs soon. The problem is that they take much longer to do and I can't easily carve out more than an hour a day. To get through four orcs I would need about two hours for each element and a good block of time to get the skin done in one go. I have lots more Goblins to paint but I wouldn't mind taking a break from them at this stage

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