November 23, 2015

Stormcast Eternal

the first of my Stormcast Eternal Warhost is almost done. I really like the miniatures and their Greek/Macedonian style. I had wanted to get some as soon as the came out but with the move back to Germany I wasn't able to get anywhere near a game store. I was gifted these however and now I am finally getting to sit down to enjoy the long process of painting a functional army. This guy is my test model and while I am not 100% happy yet the basic idea is working for me.

I will sit down now and finish the rest of the regiment in the same scheme. I don't like the sculpting on the shoulder pad. it is rather uncharacteristic of GW miniatures as it is indistinct and hence hard to paint well. I have to figure out a way to improve that area when painting it. I also want to look at improving the silver areas of the hammer, maybe darkening them a little more. Also the base needs some more work with bits of foliage but I am happy with the contrast it offers the model.

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