November 16, 2015

The Final Batch of Maneaters

I often wonder why I bought two boxes of these. I didn't really need ten Ogres, especially as I was getting duplicate models. I did my best here to mix the duplicates up but with similar heads it is hard to make them very distinct. I sculpted a helmet on one of the models and I think it came out well, considering my meagre sculpting skills. Actually it came out far better than I thought it would considering that I actually needed to add ears also. I hadn't realised that the ears were sculpted on the body of the miniatures rather than the heads. It is the model on the right shown here. Beyond that I added a few teeth to other models and sculpted a few little details here and there on them. With nine of them done it is time to tackle Golgfag himself. I want to do some conversion work on the miniature to make it a little more imposing, we shall see what I can manage.

1 comment:

  1. Can you do some stop go animation and have the middle maneater throw his bone, spinning inro the air. Then camera cuts to space shuttle, space odyssey style! Shuttle is manned by your ogres, struggling to survive as the shuttles on board computer has become self aware and wants rid of them. Would be savage, models look great by the way!


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