June 20, 2018

Spirit Host W.I.P.

I don't have long to wait for the rest of the Nighthaunt models to be released, in the meantime I am trying to keep busy with some of the battleline requirements. I'm told that the Spirit Hosts are an excellent inclusion in the army and as I can already pick them up, how could I resist. I know the kit is much maligned online due to how difficult it is to put together and well I do have to agree somewhat. It definitely isn't the easiest to put together but its still okay. I've had worse Malifaux kits for instance. Anyway now that I have six put together I hopefully won't have anymore to do.. I followed the same painting scheme as I have done for my other models in the army. The white was a little intimidating to do over such a large surface. It took a lot longer than expected to be honest. Still the effect came out fine and should be a lot quicker to replicate on smaller models with less surface are to cover. At least that's the hope... I still have work to do on the base of this model. I think I am going for a graveyard theme. My hand was a little forced with the easy to put together models coming with these style of details integral to the model. I think it will look great but it is a lot of work to get it to look right.

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