June 3, 2018

Knight of Shrouds

I’ve decided that I’m going all in on the Nighthaunts for Age of Sigmar. The new models are really great, one of the best collections I’ve seen for the game since the Ironjawz. With them being in the starter set which I was going to pick up anyway I might as well accept the fact that these are my new army. To that end I’ve picked up the Knight of Shrouds so that I can get some of the painting front loaded on this project. I’ll have very limited painting time in a few weeks so whatever I can get done beforehand will be a huge bonus. This model is great, easy to put together and proved quick to paint. I might do an extra highlight on the blue cowl but I haven’t decided on that just yet. I followed the same procedure as the Tomb Banshee but as I mentioned there I just went with a single wash on the white rather than two. This was a good decision as it maintains the white as the dominant colour rather than changing it into a more blue or green colour.

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