July 31, 2010

From paws to hooves

Horses take ages. Three evenings of painting with only some minor distraction have resulted in six horses barely half done. I really don't know what I did with the time. I had thought I would have been well finished with them by now and onto the second six. It would seem that I may be painting these guys for a while yet. The white hasn't had much work done on it as you will see in the photograph. The reslt is pretty much finished.

PhotobucketI made a huge mistake while undercoating these models. I don't know if it was that the white spray was a little old or I held the can too far from the model. Anyway before I noticed three of the horses had some nasty lumps of paint misted across them. I tried in vain to remove this. So now I do have some messed up horses. As I don't have any replacements currently I have pushed on with them and painted them up. For now they will sit in the back rank of the cvalry regiment. This regiment at least sounds like it can do something! The vanguard move pretty much gets them in position to shoot their hand axes on turn one hopefully meaning one less warmachine. If I have to go second I could even charge which would be much better. I am unsure as to what other equipment to give them. Aa banner would be nice but I am not sure if it is that benefical for the role they will be playing.

Photobucket Painting these has really reintroduced me to the colours for the army. The leather mix I had been using on my warriors I have been able to copy here. I made a few errors in the application as I wasn't paying attention but with the cloaks on the riders hopefully it won't be that noticeable! I won't be startingt the riders until I have all of the twelve horses done. So that could be a while away. Paintballing tomorrow takes a day away from the army and I will be hopefully spending a few days at the ETC next weekend seeing what that is like. As I will most likely be crippled from all the action tomorrow I will have a good excuse out of house work at least!


  1. They may be taking ages, but they look sweet.
    How are you finding 8th so far?

  2. Woa! Haven't seen your horses yet!
    I got here trought FTW and posted in the warhunds entry.

    Let me say you your white horses look freakin amazing!! And also your overall chaos army.
    Wich whites did you use to paint the horses like that?

    Added to my blogroll!!

  3. I still find the way you paint white absolutely stunning it just looks so amazingly clean, deep and life like.


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