July 26, 2010

Gone to the dogs

This book is suprisingly good! I have spent far too much time over the weekend reading rather than painting! The army guilt has set in. I find that having the army out on display makes me feel like I have to paint it. It lurks in the corner of my mind saying "You must paint me, put the book down". I did make some good progress however! I had seven Chaos Hounds painted from before. As I want a regiment of twelve now I have to add five in. I don't quite know why twelve would be good... If every regiment is getting larger though why not these guys too? Anyway its actually pretty tough to match the colours between the two sets. I did it okay and I will have pictures up later in the week. The details still need to be done. These shouldn't take too long to do. After that I am not sure. I might do some Chaos Knights. I think I will replace on of the regiments of Warriors with a Knight Regiment. Its a lot easier to paint for one thing! Five large cavalry models versus twenty foot models. The points are roughly the same too. It would free up a few points for Marks of Chaos. I rally want to get the Mark of Tzeentch onto my Warriors along with the Blasted Standard. That makes them really durable as I am assuming they will be target number one in competitive games.

Back to the book, I have just picked up a few of the Dresden Files books. Stormfront is the only one I have read so far. Its pretty good. Nothing to really challenge as an enduring classic but very entertaining. The author is clear and descriptive. He doesn't spend too long drawing out every detail but still gets the atmosphere across. The book is about a gumshoe detective wizard in modern Chicago. I can imagine the series is a little like a Monster of the Week. The titles of the later books indicate Werewolves, Ghosts and Faeries in that order. Hopefully it isn't that much of a formula. I read the first book in a evening, something I normally reserve for really exciting books. So to keep it somewhat short, check it out Stormfront is good!

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  1. I enjoyed the first book but they rapidly went down hill after that for me.

    I much prefer the Repairman Jack series.


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