September 26, 2010

Foot Sloggers!

I painted these guys to get back into marauder painting. I am not sure why I should have practised on the command group but they were to hand and I did. Thankfully they match almost perfectly with the ones I painted a year ago. I don't have the standard painted yet. I am not sure what to do. I will I think use a khornate symbol as I want these to be part of the great weapon regiment. I would like to have as many attacks as possible and doubling those from the front rank would be good. The more I look at the rules the better frenzy seems to be. As re-roll from the battle standard bearer makes it a safe enough ability I can't see a massive downside. Generally if I am charging with them it will be because I want to. Now that I have these done I am eager to get into the big blocks. I have fourteen Marauders done at least.

I have been considering the same thing about my Chaos Knights. Khorne is the only option for them! That would make for a huge number of attacks coming out of just six models. The Blood Knights seem to be a very common component of the vampire army and Khorne Knights should be as effective. Its a big investment of points that could be used easily elsewhere but I have them painted so they will end up in the list. Anyway I won't be getting much done on the Chaos over the coming month as I need to prepare the Dwarves! It would seem that October is going to be a month of Dwarves.

I have been reading the Rogue Trader roleplaying rulebook from Fantasy Flight. So far I am dissapointed! I really don't get the feeling that it was well concieved. I am not yet sure why but it doesn't inspire me. The rules are based on a similar model to Warhammer Fantasy roleplay which I really like. The ship rules seem half done and very unexciting. I also can't see how a party would be formed. It reminds me of an episode of Star Trek where the most important members of the crew are always the ones leading away missions. That makes no sense in reality and just as little in this fantasy! The Dark Heresy parties seem to make it work better. All in all I am not interested in running it but I might play just to test it.

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  1. great job on them! the colors look great and your bases look fantastic! what do you use for the base material?


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