September 10, 2010

I love Spawn

I love Spawn. I don't know why but I have always had a soft spot for them. I even liked the previous metal ones which looking back at now were really terrible. As you can see I have constructed another. I wanted this guy to look more like a mutated warrior whereas the previous guy is a mutated marauder. This is simply achieved with the addition of the helmet, shoulder pad and axe. He should look like Sláine than a great tentacled beast. I also tried to model him so that he is slightly higher than normal and leaning forward. It looks a little more menacing than the standard pose. It involved chopping a leg off and green stuffing it back on but with these guys conversions are pretty simple. They are hopefully really easy to paint too.. the last fellow was dispite the problems with the washes.

I don't know if Spawn are that effective anymore though? I really see them struggling to hold up infantry as the sheer volume of attacks coming at them should on average kill the spawn in a single round. That means they are pretty unreliable for holding things up. A good charge will always smash them. Against less proficent foes I could imagine them doing well, for instance Skaven. A number of Spawn could pin a large regiment in place by charging one at a time effectively removing its threat from the game.I will have to play a few games with them as a test to seewhat they really are capable of. Hopefully they won't be relegated to rather random warmachine hunters!

Actually I have been thinking of using some of the less mutated Spawn I intend creating as Trolls. I can't see why not as they are similar enough in size and appearance. Especially if I don't overly mutate them. It's cheaper than the metal alternatives and they look far better. It also gives me quite a lot of spare pieces that can be used for a number of things. I haven't decided if this is the route I will take yet. Tournaments already seem to be out with the blanket bans for comp and that means no double rare so I am stuck with only two spawn as a maximum. Thats a pity as I really would like to field lots of them!


  1. Fantastic job converting this spawn model, it really does look like a chaos warrior mutated a few too many times. I'm also a fan of Chaos Spawn and think it's too bad that they aren't any better in games of 40k or now Fantasy. Still lots of fun to model and paint, though. The mini I'm currently working on is actually one of those old metal chaos spawn that you mentioned, one which I've had primed for for at five years.

    Your idea of using chaos spawn to represent trolls sounds like a very cool possibility and would be a good way of getting round the comp max of 2 spawn. I'd be very excited to see what you could come up with for a spawn-centric army.

  2. Wonderful looking spawn. Been following your chaos work over on the Warhammer Forum good stuff. I too have very much a soft spot in my heart for spawn. Each one I do seems to be more fun that last one. And I actually enjoy playing them in the games. Maybe think about mounting them on 50mm bases and using them as unit fillers also.

    Look forward to seeing more.


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