September 15, 2010


So I got the shields done. Funny how it goes... I had a whole weekend and yet I still couldn't get the Knights done! Okay the shields are done. The armour is done. The cloak needs to be finished and the details on the horses done too. So what are the chances that I get them done this weekend? Seriously it will have been more than a month... I would really like to see some more progress with theis army. I have been painting them for a year now and I don't even seem to have one regiment complete. Eighth edition came along and destroyed the plan I had for them. Basically every regiment I had planned needed to be doubled in size. Its annoying. Anyway the shields came out well. The picture is poor but I couldn't get a sharp focus with my camera. I am resisting buying a new one but maybe its time to start looking. The only problem I have with the shields is the complete split between the flesh covered ones and the standard ones. The shields seem to each have a power in mind when being sculpted. Well I can recognise Tzeentch and Nurgle but I guess Slannesh and Khorne are in there too. It is a pity as it breaks up the style of the regiment in my eyes. Now it does mean that I don't have a complete armoured wall done in one style which is nice but the flesh maybe contrasts a little too much? Anyway I will try to get some shots up soon and you can see for yourself.

I have ordered some new Dwarves however. I have to order them now to make sure that I can have them prepared for the two tournaments in August. I have memories, vague ones, thatDwarves are somewhat faster to paint than Chaos. Now I am not sure why I am thinking that but hopefully they prove to be! I don't want to have too many late nights just before the tournaments. I want to increase the number of Rangers and Miners I have. If my analysis of this edition is correct then I can see these types of troops playing a major role in Dwarven armies. I have twenty miners done already ad I would like to increase them to thirty. I would also like to have a similar number of great weapon armed Clansmen. So you should be seeing some of the short bearded guys appearing here soon. Don't worry I will be continuing with the Chaos still...

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