September 17, 2010

Ich möchte Chaosbrut

Yeah German is great... It is always entertaing to walk into the local GW here in Hamburg in search of something and then try to figure out what it is called. It is interesting that direct translations generally don't work. For instance the Hellcannon translates as the Deathbringer, Zerfleischer is Bloodletter but actually translates as Flesh Tearer. My attempt at the Hellcannon was Höllekannonen. At least some of the guys in the shop can figure out my terrible approximations of the names and I generally get what I am after, Its better than I managed in work when I needed to get a door for a cupboard and they ordered a goalpost. I really don't get how that happened still but at least everyone had a good laugh.

Anyway as you can see I managed to finish my spawn(Chaosbrut)! He is a nice model better than I imagined could be constructed from the kit. I thought the kit would force me to go the terrible tentacle route but their are some more decent options there. I have another kit on its way and I will see if I can keep with the theme to use these guys as Trolls. Once they are done I will be painting my Corpse Cart... ah I mean Warshrine. I still don't understand why GW haven't released the Warshrine. Well at least the Corpse Cart makes for an interesting alternative. I am having mine pulled by a team of hounds. I am not sure if it will look that good yet but thats the plan! As for anything else I have no idea just yet. Its tough to make one and not have it look like a chariot.


  1. This fellow looks great. You can definitely believe that he was once a warrior who got mutated for some reason. Great work on that. The base looks good too.

    Cupboard door... goal post. That is quite different. =P

  2. Nicely done. Lover the paint on this miniature. Very good looking blend on the fleshtones, and cool looking helm.

  3. Looking good! A unit of these guys as trolls would be sweet

  4. If you want to know what the name of a model is in German, just go to and select German as the language (you may need to clear your cookies). If you know how to navigate the site in English it's a doddle in any other language!

  5. Or just ask me next time, I usually know both names ;-)


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