July 17, 2012

Father Guniefort

Last week I played a third game of SAGA and it was fun. I am currently playing in the Battle of Maldon campaign that is on the Tapestry blog. If you are interested in a battle report it has been blogged about here. This model is from Reaper. I picked him up a while back to use as a cleric in a Dungeons and Dragons game. As usual the campaign was all too short lived and so I was stuck with three medieval priest models. I am fairly eager to paint some SAGA miniatures but mine are residing in a lead pile in Ireland and I have no access to them sadly. So to scratch the itch I painted this guy, Father Guniefort. I have no idea what a medieval cassock should look like so I went for a simple brown and grey scheme. I just wanted to get the miniature finished so I didn't go too crazy with the detail, not that he has much. I like the simplicity of the model. He can lead a brave band of Norman levies I think. I am tempted to pick up some Normans to play but I don't have any non-VASSAL opponents yet. I will hold off and play the game a little more before investing.

I am still finding the game fun though it has slightly too much luck involved. I won the last game based on two very fortuitous rolls. That has soured me a little to the game. I think that Warmachines probability curve has spoiled me way too much and now simpler games are a lot less appealing. The Fatigue and Battleboards save the game as they can mitigate the luck slightly. We still have a single game in the campaign to play and I will reserve final judgement until after that is played.

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