July 26, 2012

Rusty Rails

Despite the fact that turpentine dissolves the foam I have ben using I risked it on the railway. I think it came out fine. Once varnished over it will be less vibrant than it is now. I essentially washed the areas I wanted to be rusty with turpentine and pigments. These are normal artists pigments, nothing fancy. All the pigments that are sold by various companies are all the same and you can buy them in an art supply shop a lot more cheaply than you can from a wargames supplier. I have enough in each bottle I don't think I will ever need to buy more! I got the variance in colour by applying a second wash with much more yellow mixed in over the first coat. As the pigment is suspended rather than dissovled in the turpentine you are picking up variable amounts and this gives a random amount of coverage. This is perfect for a project like this.


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