February 14, 2014

Seamus - the Mad Hatter, the Joker and Jack the Ripper

I am still struggling with my camera. I guess I can't expect any better at this point. The photo is fairly poor but at least is conveys the colours for Seamus and his lady. As the model is essentially composed of two people I wanted to contrast them fairly strongly. I went with a rich skin tone for Seamus as he is at least alive. For his undead hooker I went with a really washed out pallid tone. I began her skin with Elf Flesh (GW) and highlighted with white. I started the skin on Seamus with Dwarf Flesh (GW) and highlighted with Bleached Bone (VJ). That kept his skin in a nice warm range. I highlighted everything on the hooker with white. The pink didn't come up to a light tone as quickly as I hoped it would and it is still fairly rosy. Her hair was bleached bone to start off with and I just highlighted with white. To contrast I kept the roots of the hair black, its a cheap dye job after all. I think this worked out fairly well but next time I would go for a dark brown I think. I want to start working a little more with the tone of the colours I am using and models like this are a great place to start. I do have the McMourning crew to paint soon and they feature a lot of whites being essentially morgue assistants or undead constructs. These will be annoying as hell to photograph but should be fun to paint at least.


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