February 13, 2014

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers - Month Zero

I was listening to a recent podcast about Malifaux called Malifools. They mentioned that they were organising a Tale of Four Gamers style project where people would buy and paint a decent sized set of Malifaux models over the next six months. If you don't know the famous Tale of Four Gamers it is an old and excellent series in White Dwarf where four gamers were given a monthly budget and with that they had to eventually collect and paint a new army. I heartily jumped in and I believe Owen, my regular Vassal opponent from Farfarawy.org, is going to take part also. I will be collecting a McMourning crew for this, so far I am the only one to have selected him. I was picking up the crew box anyway so it was quite serendipitous. The first post is on the 17th of this month and hopefully the local store has the models in by then.

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